What If I Want More Than One Niche?!

In the blogging world everyone talks about your niche.

Where do you fit in?

What do you think your readers want?

I have been away from my blog for a while.

One reason is because I fear the written world of blogs is slowly fading away.

Second reason is because I don’t know where I fit in.

I want to build my youtube channel and the whole niche thing goes on there too.

But what if I love different things?!

I have found a love of baking, like I really love to make cupcakes and cakes and try new things.

Frozen Cupcakes

But I am not a food blogger!

I love being a parent and talking about parent stuff!

family cheeses!

But I am not JUST a parent blogger

I love to do special effects makeup.

voo doo makeup

But I can’t be a beauty blogger.

And I love just talking about things that interest me, random stupid things like giant gnomes!

big gnomes

I have MS and I like to talk about that to help other people like me!


So why can’t I just be me?

I don’t want to just do one thing. Because I love all these things!

Why can’t I just be a blogger or vlogger. One who does anything she wants. One who has lots of interests and completely ridiculous views on life. One who has totally shitty times and wants to talk about it.

I am just me. And that should be okay!

Do you stick to your niche?

Do you wish you could just talk about everything you love?!

Let me know 😉

Netflix #Streamteam April

Wow, April already.

Easter is over, half term is all done and what a month it has been.

We were all SO poorly over half term. We had doctors visits and so many antibiotics to distribute. At times, I wondered if myself and Ben would survive.

Alas with the help of family we did.

Family and Netflix.

Netflix released so many epic kids films this month, from frozen, which was added for a couple of weeks, to rio 2, which is awesome because it is a family favourite.

Netflix kept us going this month, it brought a little bit of happiness with the family film love, and I think, kept us all sane.


These classic hit blockbuster for all the family have just hit Netflix for everyone to enjoy!





Indulge yourself in a different way this Easter by bagging yourself some me-time and snuggling down to the films
you didn’t get chance to see at the cinema.

The hit film based on the popular book which will have you giggling, laughing and in awe of what the women went through in Mississippi.

Julianna Moore won numerous academy awards in this drama which sees a happily married woman with three children diagnosed with Alzeheimer’s.

With an all star cast including Jamie Fox and Leonardo DiCaprio,
Django Unchained follows a slave accompanying a Bounty Hunter on a vicious mission.

Go and sign up now! It’s all you need for some sanity 😛

100 Years of Crayola

Can you believe it?! 100 whole years of Crayola?

A brand that has become one of the most reliable for children’s stationary and now for the adult colouring world too?!

That’s amazing.

Personally, I have loved the brand since I was a wee one. Always the best felt tips bar far. And now they sell so much more.


Yes, you’re seeing it right. They even do something for adults now too.

With adult colouring becoming so big, it was only naturally for this to happen. This craze has literally swept the world. Not much beats sitting back with a colouring book and losing yourself in some epic designs with pretty colours to boot.

The books themselves are stunning. Unique designs that will have you lost in the book for hours. A perfect way to destress after a long day parenting.

Liv has tried to steal my books and pens several times. So much so I have taken to hiding them.

But it just goes to show that the littles sometimes want something as beautiful and complex also.

The fine line markers are up there in normal Crayola stand also. But they do feel a little more sophisticated than the kids colouring markers.

Plus they rarely share with me anyway 😛

So if you are as taken with this adult colouring craze as the rest of, well, everyone, then pick up these goodies from Crayola and celebrate with them in style!

They have some much more to offer on the site too. So go over and take a look.

It will be the most relaxing thing you have done all year.


Pet Parade Play Garden – CATS

I know.

I can’t quite believe I’m writing that.

Pet parade now has CATS.

For anyone that doesn’t know. Evie, my youngest, is obsessed with cats.

Now I’m not talking about she likes cats and would love to have one. I am talking obsessed. She has cats on her clothes, her toys are cats, cat bags, cat hats and even cat sunglasses.

And yes, she would love a cat. But Skye doesn’t like cats and this is something that will stop us from having a real life cat. But it’s okay because we love Skye.

So now having one of her favourite toys, Pet parade, have a cat version also, it’s like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one.

pet parade 2 pet parade cat 1

This is the play garden, which is a cat’s play heaven and even comes with cat figures, much like the dogs from pet parade.


This set is easy to put together. vJust a few strong clicks has everything in place. The water feature is my personal favourite. It looks so real!

This little set is perfect for some cat role play. They have everything our furry friend could desire. Evie has had hours of fun playing with this. Even her small cat teddies have been in on the action.

Like all other Pet parade pets, the cat has moveable features and magnets. Meaning you can take it for a walk with the supplied lead and it even plays with the ball.


This set would be the puuurfect addition to any toy box. 😉

It retails from around the £25 mark, however you can find some savings if you search.

Peppa Pig Holiday


We all  love Peppa Pig in our house, Young or old. When it’s on the TV in our house we all find ourselves watching it, sometimes I find myself being the only one watching it!!!

For anyone who isn’t ofay on Peppa Pig, it’s a  pre school cartoon that follows the adventures of Peppa a pig and her family and friends.  Her friends are all different mammals from dogs to rabbits and sheep .

Peppa’s friends are the same age as she is and she has a younger brother George, In the episodes they do everyday activities like going to playgroup and swimming to riding their bikes.

Their extended family is also involved.They wear clothes, drive cars and talk but you still have the noisy the animals make there are lots of snort like pigs especially from daddy pigs and doing what pigs do best which is jumping in muddy puddles (which is also some we like to do on a rainy day, put on our Peppa wellies and jump in those muddy puddles).

For anyone who has read my reviews before you will know how much the girls love all things small and Peppa pig fills this very well. With toys, playsets and more is a real winner. In the pepper range you can get anything from. Pencil and pencil case to clothes and soft toys and playsets.

We got the opportunity to review 2 Peppa   playsets which have come to the market recently. The first one is the Air Peppa Holiday Jet, this is a great little playset with a cool jet with its very own cabin at the back to fit Peppas luggage which also comes with the playset along with a Holiday Peppa dressed and ready to go. Peppa can be the pilot or a passenger along with members of her family. The wheels are  free wheeling also, creating great imaginary play. The Holiday Jet is from around £15 for ages 3 upwards.

Also is the Peppa Pig Ferris Wheel from around £15.78 for ages 3 and upwards. This is a great and it’s also part of the Theme park collection. The wheel will go round and round with Peppa and friends in the wheel. It comes with an exclusive Peppa figure with the theme park design.  Also in this collection is a helter-skelter, balloon ride playset and ice cream van to build up your theme park.

The Peppa pig holiday set also comes with a boat, campervan, sunshine Villa, ice cream van and of course all the characters too! Perfect for the holiday season

Peppa is a real winner for most little ones and is always great as a present for birthday and christmas or just because.