Pl-ug Build Your Own Den Kit

We love making tents and dens with the girls but it always involves a lot of books, pegging, tapping find a sheet that isn’t one of nannies best ones!!, it falling down, us having to come and rebuild it time after time and a lot of shouting is always involved and it seems that not much play happens.


Well look no further this build your own den kit PL-UG from LouBiLou is great, really easy to use and even easy for the kids to do for themselves. It comes with everything you need:

The Canopy to give you cover, so no more using nannies sheets.

4 Grips to easily fix the sheet (don’t forget to tie a knot in the end, this stops any pulling through)

2 clamps to secure to tables. Doors or shelves (ones fixed to a wall of course)

2 hooks which make it easy to fix to chairs (and double up as a great captain hook hand!!)

2 suckers to fix to windows  and 2 pegs to secure into the ground.

It also has a keep out sign so no unwanted visitors will be coming in.

Each fixing interlocks with grips on the canopy so that you can have different ways of attaching it to the furniture, trees or anything that is suitable this is very versatile and you will always be able to find something to attach the canopy too.

tent col

This is very simple be a great product that is great for imaginative and creative play, helps with teamwork and it can be used outside so good old back to nature and fresh air. From 5 to 12 years but I think with will be used beyond this in our house we all like a bit of den building!! With ideas on the box to help you get in the swing, the ideas are endless. From around £22. Great gift idea too. LouBiLou have loads of stunning gifts and toys to offer. 


Bratz Music Festival Vibes

Bratz have done their research. They know what people want when it comes to festivals. They found out that  70% of parents would rather take their kids to a festival than go abroad, with Glasto the one they wanted to attend the most.  And 87% of kids were keen to go to a festival!

That is impressive and I am not surprised. I for one love the idea of taking the girls to a festival, it’s just the doing it part I worry about.

Anyway, Bratz have listened and they have a range of music festival vibes doll.

bratz 2

This time, the girls had the chance to join in and it looks like the festival goers over at Glastonbury could use one!


With their poncho made fabulous, they are ready to rock and roll with Cloe.


These dolls come with everything you need to enjoy the festival season. With changeable clothes and some really awesome accessories, this range of dolls are perfect for kicking off the summer season.

Bratz dolls are almost iconic. They are a brand who delivers time and time but still in keeping with the classic bratz style doll. And the music festival vibes range are no different.

Kids all over with love having these festival companions all summer long, they are the perfect way to keep them entertained on those long hot night.

Both Liv and Eve are huge fans, and they have beeing loving playing with Cloe out in the garden and even in the hot tub from time to time!

Check out the range yourself.



The Lion Guard Puzzle

Everything on Disney has been all about the Lion Guard recently. It has been the first thing to come from the Lion King film in years and with that still being a classic, it was highly anticipated.

The new Lion Guard series focused on Simba’s son, Kayan and his rather unique group of friends.

Needless to say, it has been a hit. Not just in our house but all over. So it’s only right Disney come up with a range to go along with the Lion Guard, so kids can bring it to life at home even more.

lion guard

This fairly large puzzle is just beautiful. It challenges them just enough, whilst still being do-able and not too long winded.

There is no way Evie is sticking around for 100 pieces.

It is one of those puzzles I have put away in the games cupboard. I don’t want all the pieces lost, having something like this is special and something they will play with and love for years to come.

If your little ones are Lion Gaurd fans then I urge you to head over to Disneys website and have a look at the range. Maybe pick up a special something for Christmas.




Chubby Puppies

I don’t know if you have seen the advert, but myself and the kids have and we are obsessed.

Those cute little chubby puppies were always going to be a hit in this house.

chubby 1

Each chubby puppy has its own theme. This one was the fashion carrier set, with the boxer chubby puppy. He comes equipped with key, handbag and  even a bakers hat and hot dog costume. He is catwalk ready for sure.

This little chubby puppy just loves kitchen themed dress up. So he can alternate between being a hot dog, or a cupcake! Pop all his outfits and accessories into the carry bag and you are ready to take your puppy anywhere.

And of course, these puppies do love to roam. It’s rare they stay still, which makes them all the more fun. He can even run with the key in his mouth, which is great for a quick game of fetch.

The girls have several chubby puppies and putting them together really makes for some chubby madness. They do have a noise, but it is one I can put up with. They can often be heard rustling away in the bottom of the toy box, which is an experience in the middle of the night 😛

They take 1 AAA battery which is fabulous. It lasts ages and is super easy to get hold of. So your puppy need never be without!

These puppies are truly great for role play. Children can interact and get something back from the toy itself. Eve can often be heard chatting away to her puppy.

We like to try the drop test with toys, our two are extremely clumsy, so toys need to be able to stand them and occasionally Yoshi when he gets hold of them and it is safe to say these are next to indestructible. No amount of puppy slobber or dropping off the sofa has affected them whatsoever.

Spinmaster always comes out with exceptional toys and the chubby puppies are no different. 

The different set retails for around £15+