MyStyle Craft, Make Dangly Charms

With the holidays upon us, having plenty around the house to do is essential. And I’m not sure about your kids, but mine love anything crafty and anything pretty. So the MyStyele Craft Dangly Charms are perfect, Liv loves anything like this, so she was a fan before opening the box!


This kit from Interplay contains; Polymer clay (which I am new to), Ribbons in three colours, dangly charms, 3 key rings, bag clips, plastic coated jewellery wire, feathers in 3 different colours, selection of beads, toothpicks, jumprings and clamshell cord ends. And of course, a full set of instructions.

Firstly, I love the colours and the diversity of the set. There are six whole projects in one box, and I am sure if you are one of my children, you could eek that out a little more.

I try to be crafty, and some things I can do, however, fiddly is something Liv is best at. So both her and Eve sat quietly as she read out instructions. It was actually quiet, which never happens unless food is around.

The box states 8+, Liv is 7, almost 8 and she could do everything with ease. Which I think speaks volumes to the set itself, being so user-friendly and easy to follow. The impressed me actually. Some sets can just be too much and both me and Liv get lost in a sea of beads, but Interplay have cracked it for sure.

This set retails for around £14.99 and is available from amazon.




Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games Wii U review


*all images are created by myself using the Miiverse screenshot feature

The Rio 2016 Olympics are soon to be underway and its time for Mario and Sonic and friends to dust of their running shoes and for you to purchase an ample supply of AA batteries for your WiiUmotes for some friendship rivalry with your pals.

There are 14 events to practise and compete in for glory.

WVW69jcddhAAgXxbLcIn the main HUB of the game which is a white sanded beach, you will encounter CPU characters that represent your options, and Mii characters from around the world. As there is usually a sticker/stamp collection theme in Mario games it is here swapped out for country stickers where the Mii characters reside. Being a video game fan is world renown and more often than not like-minded folk like to interact with friends from around the globe. After competing in events will will be awarded coin and stars, and for medal events you also unlock items for your Mii character for customisation.

WVW69jcdegcYlETjA2One of the highlight events of the game for me is the Archery event. It controls smoothly and particularly well with the WiiUmote. No characters stats are the same for any two events encouraging you to swap and try the different characters and their abilities. There is a chance in the third heat to hit star targets which will trigger the targets to become star targets for insanely high scores.

WVW69jcdgR87Ntt3FtI am no fan of football but this event doesn’t feel like such a chore to endure due to its back to basics style and smooth controls akin to the likes of ISS for the Super Nintendo.

Similar to the football event, rugby has smooth controls and a simple style with extra robot CPU players that is a pleasure to play making it another highlight event for me.

WVW69jcdhoUNqtvwmh (1)I can’t help but feel a trick or two were missed with the events though. For a start the table the Table Tennis event is tiny, and although this may be accurate to life it makes what could be a great smash tennis style event tedious. A bigger size table could have gone a long way to enhancing the experience and the smash style mechanics.
If all the elements were right a Mario smash table tennis game with optional motion controls to me would be a very appealing idea.
Maybe I just missed it, which I don’t think I did, but I also feel a motion control option for the Wii U pad for Archery could have also made a big difference and would have allowed a smooth and responsive target domination.

WVW69jcdlsokslN9cxMario Nintendo games are often well known for mini games and game modes, I feel this is also missing from this title as there seems to be considerably less events compared to the M & S Winter Olympic games Sochi and extra events to appear to be unlocked throughout your play.

WVW69jcdk_IllV3bDNThe HUB is certainly a missed opportunity in the form of mini games where walking upto the shore line could have activated options to surf on the sea, wake board or paragliding. Aswell as options to enter a sandcastle building competition, metal detecting, rock pooling etc. Maybe i’m rambling on a bit but you can’t deny these little touches would make great additions.

WVW69jcdjD4593WeZYMaybe as Nintendo are aware of their younger audience, the control scheme seems to have been revised from the previous winter Olympics game and less technical. More children friendly if you like. Events such as Equestrian and Gymnastics are still rhythm based and require combinations of button pressing and holds and feel easier to negotiate. These changes do make the game more appealing to younger gamers and less inclined to get frustrated and give up too easily.

If you do feel the events are a breeze for you and you want more challenge, the CPU have 3 difficulty settings to chose from.

One thing I don’t like is the automatic return on a couple of the events in table tennis and beach volley ball, or at least the option to use automatic return or not as the option to have it is good for your average or occasional gamer.

While there doesn’t seem to be unlockable characters from the Mario and Sonic universes to use as a playable character, they do at least appear to compete against you in events.

The events for this game is a mixed bag of good and mediocre. For me personally, I feel this game while a solid effort, is not a scratch on the previous game which my family and I still love to play.
Overall I get the feeling that due to the newer control scheme and the events available that perhaps the 3DS version would suit its style better and will be the game to buy and get more play time from.

Puppy In My Pocket

Yes! They are back and they are awesome.

Puppy in my pocket is a fabulous collectable range which is not just as cute as ever, but stylish to boot.

This set boasts 4 puppies with a beautiful bag to carry them in. Any girl or boy will love collecting these beautiful little sets and they will be kept collecting for a long time. With so many different breeds and colourings to choose from, expect your collection to grow exponentially!!

puppy one

Each of these packs also comes with a collectors list so they can keep track of who they have and who they need 😉 Liv always takes great joy in this, it’s probably her favourite reminder to me.

The possibilities with puppy in my pocket are endless. They are perfect for role play with any other toy, the perfect size to be your favourite little dolls doggie and the perfect size to be carried around in the accompanying bag. Which is on point fashion wise. Kids fashion wise.

Take a look at all the perfect pocket puppy pals you could own…

puppy resevre

Puppy In my pocket sets can be purchased from any good toy retailer.

Also, they have so many different sets and play houses to accommodate your pups also. They have thought of everything!

If you have a second check out the Puppy In My Pocket website, it is incredibly cute and worth a visit!