3 Reasons We Won’t Be Taking Part In Halloween

It’s that time of year again. All hallows eve. A reason to dress up in some horrific costume and run wild on the streets.

Now I would normally partake in all the shenangins, as would the girls, however, this year it’s different.

This year it has been well and truly ruined.

So I give you, my top three reasons we are not taking part in Halloween.

NUMBER 1: General trust amongst other human beans. It’s true. A year of heartache across the world, with people killing each other for no reason at all but to make a statement. The trust has all melted away leaving people not even passing out a smiley hello or thank you.

We literally just keep to ourselves, ignoring what the rest of the world is doing in hopes we can lead a normal, stranger free life.

It’s sad really when you think about it. Communities are few and far between and even then people are second guessing and keeping their guards well and truly up. 

NUMBER 2: The kids go to a C of E school. So Halloween isn’t something they partake in, so the girls haven’t really been caught up in any of the hype. It has been more about harvest and giving back to others.

Something they have both done really well.

So it’s not really been on the forefront of their minds meaning I haven’t had to hear about it every few minutes.

NUMBER 3: Probably the biggest reason we won’t be taking part is the killer clowns. Now this is ridiculous. My children shouldn’t have to be sat down to be warned about trusting anyone dressed as a clown.

It’s  a conversation I never imagined myself having!

It’s ridiculous and plain frightening. Why are people trying to spoil these occasions with violence?

What does that say to our children? Or even mankind as a whole?!

I can’t imagine the devastation for the clown community. Their livelihoods pulled from beneath them because someone decided now would be a good time to whack on a clown suit and murder people?!

Who thinks like that?!

Now dressing up has become feared. No longer can the kids dress up and go trick or treating. I know I certainly don’t feel comfortable with it and I will not be opening my door on Halloween.


So there you have it. Any dressing up will be done at home, as usual, all year round.

Are you taking part this year?

We would love to know 🙂


Who doesn’t love a toy that talks?!


And even better a toy that repeats what you say?!


Okay, so us as adults may not always love these talking toys, but the kids really do. They love something they can interact with and something that has a lot to offer.

This is where the new Brightlings toy really excel.


These adorable Brightlings are soft and cuddly but the face has a sort of “interactive interface” style where it lights up and creates shadows around the mouth so she looks like she is actually talking.

Now with toys like these, it can get a little samey. Kids can grow a little tired of the same phrases and or songs.

However, with Brightlings, this isn’t an issue. They can actually say over 100 things, sing songs and even repeat what you say. I don’t know about you but for us, this means hours of fun.


Like literally hours. By holding her ear, she can record and play back what you say, she literally has no filter! Something us adults have had far too much fun playing with.

As well as all that she encourages movement, by walking with her or spinning her around she talks even more and sings some rather catchy tunes. This is great for getting little ones to get up and actually play with the toy.

Making her the first thing they gravitate toy from the toy box.

I think she’s even started singing to daddy when he is downstairs at night time. Something I am sure he loves very much 😉

Overall Brightlings as a toy is fabulous. Fully interactive, colourful and everything the girls need for playing games and having fun. And recording mummy and daddy when they aren’t looking, of course.

Brightlings retail for around the £30 mark and they will be a firm favorite toy for Christmas this year.

Disney princess Ariel Bath Styling Head.

Looking for something to buy for Christmas for  a little princess in your life then look no further than the Disney Princess Ariel bath styling head for ages 3 and over.  This can also help your little ones enjoy bath time and get them used to washing their own hair too. The Ariel Bath Styling head has many fun colour changing features. The water will change a strip of  Ariel’s hair from blue to teal her eyes and lips will also change colour before your eyes. There are 5 accessories that come with the styling head with clips a flower comb and a sea-shell water scoop also comes with a charm shell necklace for the Ariel head.


Ariel’s lovely red hair is  great for just brushing her hair with the brush that is included or trying out different styles, from french plaits to a glamorous up-do. Use the water shell to put cold water on her to watch her eyeshadow, lips and nails change colour.

Hour of fun in or out of the bath and it’s only £19.99 will make a great Christmas present