A Real Shake Down

So here I am, finally coming through my steroids and slowly getting over my relapse and my shaking gets worse. I have been a little ‘shakey’ for a few months now, but now its really starting to affect me daily.

I came in from actually doing some gardening yesterday (I know, I surprised even me!) went for a drink, put the drink into my right hand and went to take a sip. Well, I ended up throwing the damn ribena all down myself because I simply could not steady my hand. I felt like a right fool.

I put it in my left hand, which still doesn’t have its normal strength which gave my right the chance to calm down. So I gave it another go. Once again it started shaking, so I just did the best I could, what else can I do?

I have to say, its not easy to cope with something small like this. The new symptoms never seem to get any easier. I just wish July the 8th would hurry up so I can start my Tysabri again.

Right now that’s all I have and it really can’t come soon enough.

Rather than sit and cry, which I have done way too much of over the year, I have decided I have no choice but to make a joke out of it, lets face it, it’s not going away so I may as well just get on with it.

Humour is by far the best medicine, always makes me feel better anyway!

Lets hope people don’t think I am a random drunk who has simply drunk far too much.

So right now I am not letting this bastard disease get to me, I have way too much on my mind to let it bother me right now, I mean look outside, the sun is out?! Maybe summer is really here this time?…….

2 thoughts on “A Real Shake Down

  1. Whilst I don’t have MS, I do, as you know, have my own mobility problems. About 4 weeks ago I had to pick Harry up from nurser, which is very rare. I wasn’t having a particularly great day but had no option. That day I stumbled, a LOT, going to collect him. To the point that one complete stranger had to grab me to stop me falling and at first the nursery manager refused to let Harry leave with me as she thought I was drunk! Thankfully, Dean’s appointment finished early and he arrived! I hope you are able to find the right combination for you xx

    1. Thank you!!! I really hate how people can judge without knowing!!! I would have been so mad! Big hugs for you my lovely xxx

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