Abney And Teal Toys

We where sent a bundle of Abney and Teal toys to have a play with.

Its about two friends, Abney and Teal, who live on an island in the middle of a lake We were sent a little bin a park surround by the fast moving big city. The friends discover and explore the island with other friends, neep, bop and poc-pocs. They all live happily together on the island.

Abey and Teal is designed to develop childrens imagination and discover new ways of looking at the world, all the time learning new skills.

24 Piece Puzzle:

IMG_0081 IMG_0085 IMG_0088

This giant puzzle is double sided, one side is a the usual puzzle picture and the other side can be coloured in, which is great for good creative fun.

The puzzle is fantastic quality, big and easy for the children to hold and piece together. Also the box is a great and will last the constant opening and climbing on. It would make a really great gift for 3+. The giant 24 piece puzzle retails at around £12.

Abney and Teal soft toys:

These two little characters are a great size for small hands, well made and very much like the characters on the TV. They are beanie toys, which make them cuddley, washable and great collectables.

IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_0079

These lovely dolls retail at around £14.99 for the two, the girls will be having lovely adventures with these toys 🙂



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  1. Hello Chelsea! I was looking for a lil abney doll for my daughter, and found your blog. Just wondering by any chance if you still have one in stock? Thanks

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