Anyone Want A Kidney?!

What is it with all these organ donation stories in the press these days? I understand there are so many people on the waiting lists for transplants, but I am not sure why a family would refuse to donate in the event of another family members death. Especially if they had a donor card?!

organ donation card


I am all for organ donation, I even have a donor card which I have had for some years. My brain may not be amazing, but I am pretty sure other parts of me are A-okay.

I would even consider donating a kidney if someone close needed one. After all, I do have two perfectly good ones, so for someone who has two dud ones, its only fair.

As far as my views go on organ donation, should anything happen to my two babies, well, I think if I could save another life, after having such a tragic loss, I would. The human body is such a delicate thing, I know this first hand, so being able to give someone else something so unique would be, well unique. 

To think there was still a piece of whoever I had lost, living a full life somewhere would be enough to bring a smile through all the sadness, even for a second.

As for the people who have a donor card and their other family members overturn their right to donate the organs, I think this is wrong. If this was my child’s, husband’s, sister or any other relative, I would want to respect their wishes. After all, that was their choice and I believe no-one should take that away.

I don’t for one second think that anyone who has gone against there loved ones wish to donate is wrong or mean, everyone is entitled to there own views and choices. I just think, for me, it would be the right choice. 


8 thoughts on “Anyone Want A Kidney?!

  1. You’ve touched upon something here that worries me. I have a donor card and my wishes are well known to my husband who is, of course, my next of kin. He really does love and respect me so this is not what I want to put out here obviously, the idea of my being buried without mainly a heart, makes him feel very sad. I have pointed every obvious to him. He knows i have signed to have my heart, kidneys, lungs and other bits and bobs donated but I am worried because of this thing in his head he may go against my wishes, at least with the heart. If someone close to me expressed this as their wish then I would do it.
    I’d have a hard time convincing my hubby it would be the right thing to do if we lost one of our babies, that would be the ultimate thing to me, any parent who can do that are just amazing human beings.

    1. Very true, I know if I was in that situation it would be so much more different. I can see why your hubby would think like that, you are so important to him after all. I think it would be the same for my husband (ssshhh :P) but this is what I really want. But all we can do is ask x

  2. I can’t be a donar anymore. I’m registered and everything but because of cfs I’m not even allowed to give blood. It might be the same for ms. I wish everyone would sign up. What a gift in death but to save a life.

    1. So true. I can donate organs but can’t give blood! It sucks that these diseases limit us after as well as in life x

  3. I’d definitely want to donate, it would help make some sense out of death for me. However, through work (when working at the Accident Hospital) I’ve see the situation you describe happen a few times – although a good few years ago, so things may be different now, but I can imagine the same situations still arise. Something people don’t always realise is how fast the whole process can be – people come in after an accident and die, but are kept on ventilation for a while to get consent, and the family are so shocked and devastated that they don’t always think clearly (this si aside from cases where the family already have anti-donation views for whatever reason). Even when a donor card is in existence – quite often it is the first time the family has thought about it, and their immediate reflex can be to want to keep their loved one ‘intact’ and spare them more trauma. (These are things I have been told people have said). Remember, they are in shock and not thinking clearly, Later on, after a few days, they often wish that they could have donated, but by then it is to late. And this is if they were even asked – certainly in the 1980s/early 90s staff were reluctant to ask about donation unless the person had a donor card on them, or unless the family brought it up themselves.

    I think the main message is to not just get a card, but to discuss your wished with your family, or whoever will have to make the decision, so that they know in advance and can come to terms with it in advance if they need to – then if the worst happens, they won’t go against your wishes in haste.

    1. I agree! it makes sense for people to say no in haste, which is why more people should open up and talk about it! It would make so much more sense to be prepared. It would also save more lives x

  4. I am an organ donor, but I can’t give blood. MASSIVE phobia prevents it.
    The way I see it, what good are my lungs or kidneys to me after i’m dead anyway? I’d rather think my “bits” might help someone that’s been ill for years. A relative, now deceased herself had many transplants as she had a life-long condition so I appreciate why it is a great idea. x

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