Our April With NetFlix!

We are lucky enough to be a part of the Netflix stream team, so every month I will be bringing you some of our favourite titles for the month. From family nights into scary evenings on the couch, if its on Netflix, you can be sure to find it  here 🙂


So with the Easter holiday this month we had two small children to keep entertained. Netflix was the perfect way to have something different to watch. Not sure I would be alive had it just been CBeebies! So this month the girls have enjoyed Tangles, Peter pan, Winnie the poo and Carebears! Perfect!

















Both of the girls had a fabulous time movie wise, we had popcorn and duvet days a plenty! There really is so much on offer to children of all ages on Netflix at the moment, perfect for keeping them entertained on a rainy day!

I have had a rough month this month, So I have taken to the bed on more than one occasion. Usually I would watch several DVDs on repeat, however now I have NetFlix which has kept me entertained for hours. One film that was particularly good this month was The Big Wedding, I was a little dubious to start with but it was full of everything a true rom com needs, a real must see!


I also dared myself a little and watched a few scaires alone, Solstice, The Lazarus effect and Dark Skies! All amazing films which were just enough scary for little old me. I may have also watched the entire seasons of Modern Family. My new favourite TV series and a real must watch in my eyes. Cannot wait for more seasons to be added.

So that was our Easter with Netflix, roll on May for late nights and help with the early mornings!

Remember you can sign up to Netflix at any time by following this link. For as little as £5.99 a month.

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