Baby Annabell, A Fab New Feature

When we were children my sister and I had a babydoll each. We had clothes, a pushchair and pram (my sister still has her doll and she is 37!!! and I have to confess I do still have my pram because it really was the best you could get). I had been looking for ages for a proper babydoll and all the ones I had seen, weren’t quite right, some even looked a little scary and then we had the chance to have a play with this Baby Annabell and I have to say I, along with the girls, were most pleased with her. She has a very sweet face and soft plastic hands and feet, her body is soft (apart from the power pack which isn’t too noticeable). She comes dressed in a pink baby grow along with some other accessories, a bottle, dummy, bib and pendant.

annabell 1

She is just like a real baby. She can suck on her dummy and makes great baby sounds, just like a real baby. When you feed her, her bottle with real water, she moves her mouth and makes drinking sounds which is a great feature, and then afterwards she burps when you pat her back. She will laugh and giggle The best thing the girls loved was that when you rocked Baby Annabell she would yawn and fall asleep, this is a new feature and something both girls took great pleasure in doing. It’s added so much more to the role play aspect of the doll. Both Boo and Pops take great joy in rocking her to sleep, add to that them both insisting on silence and its just perfect!

baby annabell 3 baby annabell 2

She does also cry but you can just stroke her cheek and she will go back to sleep.But you can just wake her back up by lifting her up. She acts like a real newborn baby. She was really easy for the girls to play with and they soon got used to what to do. Every little girl loves to play mummies and babies and this Baby Annabell was perfect for the job.

baby annabell 4

The great thing about Baby Annabell is there is a  full range of clothes and accessories available so there is always something that you can buy to add the collection. So, on birthdays and Christmas you can add to the whole magic of it all.

Baby Annabell from Zapf creations retails for around £38.50 and is for age 3 upwards and requires 4 x AA batteries which are not included. She can be turned on and off with ease.




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