Baby Annabell Potty


Baby Annabell is a great favorite in our house, she is very real and even has great life-like functions. She responds to your touch. She can cry real tears. sucks on her dummy you can wind her like a real baby. When she is tired you can put her down for a sleep. When she is happy and content she will babble and giggle to show she is happy. Baby Annabell starts from around £25.49

This is a great doll that will grow with your child as there are lots of accessions from clothes, pushchairs and other accessions.

We had the Baby Annabell’s first potty to review this is a great play accessory for your Baby Annabell doll. It is an interactive potty with a jingle, toilet sounds and realistic baby noises. This pink and white sheep potty has a variety of different Potty sounds. Baby Annabell sits on the potty without falling off so is great even for the real little ones with a Baby Annabell. Available from £22.33

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