Barbie Flippin Pup Pool Party

We are big Barbie fans in our house and even bigger fans of all things small, so when we were given the chance to have a play with the Barbie Flippin Pup Pool party, we were all very excited.


The lovely pink pool, which can be filled with water, comes with the Barbie Doll Chelsea and her three puppies, a great slide to attach to the pool and a diving board. There are lovely little touches all the over the pool and the slide with bows and hearts to give it that special  look. It’s all very easy to put together and holds together very well even when the water in the pink pool.


Chelsea comes with her costume, rubber ring and her dolphin toy which are both permanently attracted to Chelsea, this is a great feature, when you squeeze Chelsea’s inner tube the dolphin when sprays water out its month, water fights all round as two of the dogs that come with the Flippin Pup Pool also have water spray back feature so that they can get their own back on Chelsea when she starts the water fight.

Taffy the dog has a special skill, he does actual flips so when you put her at the top of the slide and let her go she will go down the slide and “flip” into the pool filled with water. All the dogs can jump off the diving board in the pool when you push the lever as well as using the slide. There is are dog bone-shaped water raft for the pups to take a rest in while the other pups are having fun.

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This is a great toy for in or out of the bath and a great addition to any little girls Barbie collection it for ages 3 and over retails from  £16.71

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