Battery On Coronation Street?

So like many people, I love the drama on the cobbles. Lets face it, its makes us feel better about our own lives and is often the only bit of adult company we get.

More recently the big storyline has been the Tyrone and Kirsty one, with Tyrone falling victim to domestic violence. 

To be honest I think Coronation Street has played this storyline out really well so far, although there have been times where I have felt a little uncomfortable. I guess that’s what they are going for?

Anyway for those who don’t watch it all came about when the delightful Kirsty fell pregnant, she become incredibly aggressive towards poor Ty. Beating him and isolating him, Corrie has brought to light that men suffer from domestic abuse too.

Well this whole story made me think, why was it acceptable during her pregnancy, however now seems more poignant and abusive? The ITV show even had a ‘some viewers may find this disturbing’ thingy this week. I saw no difference between the severity of it now and before, when she was pregnant?

It got my back up and really begs the question, is it okay to blame a pregnancy for domestic violence? Is this really a viable excuse?

If this is the case then surely men could start to put some kind of ‘excuse’ forward for their actions?

As like the storyline states, she does not stop those brutal beatings even after little Ruby was born, so it makes you wonder if it really is socially acceptable for a woman to beat a man purely because she is pregnant?

Double standards?

2 thoughts on “Battery On Coronation Street?

  1. There’s no justification for abuse, only excuses, and none of them stand up. My ex would blame ‘being drunk’ (so stop drinking), or ‘being stressed’ (so take a walk) or ‘well, you pushed all my buttons’ (so it’s my fault, is it?). Men actually do have a similar thing going for them – there is a murder get-out clause in law, where if you lose control for what a reasonable person would call justifiable cause (eg catching someone in adultery) then you can murder someone and get convicted of manslaughter instead. Basically they can say, ‘she made me angry so I killed her’ and it is ok. Rarely applies to women, because we don’t usually act in the same way, and there are many cases of women who killed their partner after years of abuse, but they were convicted of murder because they did it in a ‘planned’ manner. It doesn’t take account of the state you end up in when you are systematically abused – you lose the ability to think clearly and can’t see a way out that might seem obvious to others. The Corrie storyline was so well done, it freaked me out,was really triggering.

    1. Very true, I feel like some people think it okay to use an excuse, however I find it unacceptable in any case! They have played it out very well, however I feel the end must involve him being heard otherwise it gives across the wrong message!

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