Beanies Coffee Review

So we are big coffee drinkers in this house, Husband has to have his morning coffee and I am not really in any kind of mood until I have also had one. So when I found out about these new flavoured coffees from Beanies Coffee, we had to try them.

beanies coffee

I assumed they would be much smaller, however these neat little pots were great and very cute. We chose the vanilla, caramel and double chocolate, something for everyone!

Firstly, they smelt amazing and on making my first cup, I realised you do have to put a little extra spoonful in to get the best flavour out of the coffee, however that’s not an issue. I am a sucker for the double chocolate, I have mochas wherever I go, so this was perfect for me and it was nice to be able to make the same drink in my own home.

These beanies coffees would make amazing little gifts for someone, in-fact we do intend on ordering a few for the family, what could be better?!

Also, as I am a coffee cake lover, and took the opportunity to make a double chocolate coffee cake and this is where the coffee performed best! It was yummy, even the kids loved it!

Beanies as a company is also great, the customer service is some on the best I have received, they were delivered quickly and follow up emails gave it a lovely personal touch.

These jars start from £2.50, which is a great price.

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