Betty Spaghetty Is Back!

With the girls growing up and so close in age it’s always nice to get them toys which they can play with together and help teach them to share. They love dolls big and small and like to play with toys that help with imaginary play, so when we got the chance to review Betty Spaghetty they were thrilled.


Betty spaghetty has hair like spaghetty (hence the name).  She has her best friends with her and they are ready to get the party started.  Betty Spaghetty and her friends Lucy and Zoe come equipt with share and swap party clothes so they are ready for a party, or Betty, who is in her sleepover gear ready for when her friends and herself can have a sleepover.  You are able to share their outfits, hair and hair accessories to create new and different looks all the time.

The Deluxe Betty Spaghetty mix & match set for £29.99 for ages 3 plus has over 55 different accessions from different colour hairs which can be changed from doll to doll these can also be made into plates or use the accessories to help style them for the party, hair clips , beads and shoes and much more you can even change to doll’s arms  which are bendy to suit whatever they are upto the possibilities are endless.

betty spag

Your little ones can get to decide how the dolls look and what they wear to help them really get involved with the game that they are playing bring the dolls to life. There are many different dolls to collect so your little ones will never be bored with the different styles and ideas that can be had from the Betty Spaghetty dolls. These dolls are a real must have and your little ones can even take dolls to a friends house and mix n match the clothes and accessories.

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