Big Hero 6


Is a Disney animated comedy and is inspired by the Marvel Superhero comics. It is based on a young man who is a robotics prodigy who forms a superhero team to fight the masked villain.

One of the charters is Baymax who was created as an inflatable healthcare assistant providing healthcare around the world, he was a truly loveable robot that is highly intelligent in the world of medicine, devoted and very caring for the patient he is looking after. He doesn’t understand however human emotion himself as he is only concerned with his patient. There are different chips for Baymax to change his personality.

In the story he starts to develop his own personality and with the karta chip installed and a suit of armor made for him as his is an inflatable hero. He goes along with the other chartered in the story to help defeat the villain.

Your little Superhero can now enjoy this in your own home figure. He is made from vinyl plastic to give the idea of an inflatable charter but is still durable to be played with without worries. You rotate his arm to reveal 8 different sounds and scenes from the movie.

This is a great gift for anyone who loved the move and could be a great collector’s item is years to come. For ages 3 years and up and from £29.99 it does need batteries but these are included.

One thought on “Big Hero 6

  1. Hayden loves Baymax and the movie Big Hero 6.
    He went to the Disney store with his dad at the weekend to get a new Baymax – maybe this one.
    But came back with Rex and Slinky from Toy Story LOL


    Thanks for sharing this hun
    Charlotte x

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