Bing Toys From The Entertainer

bing talking toy

Bing is a much-loved character from the loveable TV series BING. About a talking Bunny and his friends, Bing is fast becoming a hit show over on CBeebies.

kids and bing

And Evie is one of those many fans.

So when we got to play with some of the new Bing range of toys from the entertainer, she was over the moon.

The Entertainer is one of our favourite toy shops, we can often be found roaming the aisles looking at their incredible deals, I knew it wouldn’t be long until they had something for the hit TV show.

We had a small two pack.

This little pack was fabulous. Eve is a huge lover of anything little. She carries things around with her all the time, she even has a bag full of her little favourite toys, which is never far away. Needless to say, this little set has made it into the favourites. The bring colours and array of sets, with all the different characters make this little collection amazing.

A must have for any little bing fan.

Next we had the Talking Bing toy.

Eve and our little puppy love anything that talks. So this was one of those toys we have had fights over many a time. With several recognisable phrases in his loveable Bing voice, this cuddley little number is like havinig Bing right there in the room with you.

Eve spends many an evening talking to him in bed, giving him a squeeze when she wants a response. It’s very cute.

Both of the above toys are such great quality. They are a perfect release for the fast growing TV show, your little ones will love building a Bing collection, and I have a sneeky feeling you will too 😛


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