Blogging Hierarchy

I kid you not, here in the land of “UK parent blogs” there is an underhanded bout of “I am bigger and better than you”

I know, I literally feel like I am back in school.

I will say however, most are very supportive and willing to offer advice and not jump on you for asking a simple question, or asking for support. I have met some immense people recently. 

However today has well and truly ticked me right off!

This land of blogging is far vaster than the few hundred here in the UK, you might be “known” here, however is does not deem you important enough to act like a spoilt child and throw your toys out of the pram in order to get your own way!

In-fact if you see yourself as a “big voice” what use is that voice if you use it for nothing more than putting people down and dictating what people can and cannot do? Surely a big voice should be used to encourage and help people?


There are thousands of groups on-line where bloggers come together to support each other, to RT someone or give them a +K on Klout or like a Facebook page, this is not illegal, it is seen as supportive and a way of reaching new people. 

However people who deem themselves higher up, like to take it upon themselves to shoot people down and make things seem underhanded, when in-fact, they were far from it.

I for one am sick of listening to it, I am going to carry on my blog, for me and the people I reach. I won’t be getting involved with these people any longer and I don’t intend to listen to a word they say. 

If they find it in themselves to start bitching and bad mouthing me, then shame on them, they really need to get a life and stop this play ground madness.

No-one has the right to say what a blogger can or can’t do, its my blog and I will do whatever the hell I like with it, if I want to write about the seeds in jam or what colour socks I wore I will! 

Rant over 🙂

24 thoughts on “Blogging Hierarchy

  1. Good for you! I get very sick and tired of the holier than thou attitude some bloggers have because they won some web award, or get a thousand hits an hour or whatever. It doesn’t mean their blog is any better than anyone else’s (Ok, sometimes it does, but not always), it often just means they’re better at promoting and using social media. I’m a mother with a full time job… I just about manage to find time to have a bit of a life and write a blog, but not to be a slave to promoting it.

    So good for you, you write what you like, for yourself. If it’s good, people will come to you. Ignore anyone badmouthing you, as you say, we’re not in the playground any more (and being able to ignore people is one of the beautiful things about the Internet – nobody is actually there in front of you!)

  2. I know exactly how you feel, the sad thing is they were in the same position once but there excuse was ‘we didn’t get help, we did it all alone’ well if they know how how difficult it is why not help, I have been ignored and shot down many times but some are amazing, it’s just the few, hold your high and stay close to the ones who are supportive x

    1. I will do, I agree, I did not think grown adults cold be so, well, mean when I started blogging. Support is hard to find, when we do we should hold it tight! Staying where I feel comfortable. x

  3. I think all communities have this sort of blow out every now and again, I was in the middle of a huge online fight amongst Volkswagen owners several years ago. Underneath the blogs/usernames and avatars are real people, with real feelings and wishes, and it’s inevitable that not everyone will get on or agree with everyone else.
    I’m pleased I know nothing about this and am not involved, and I totally understand you wanting to step back a bit, but I hope that peace can return quickly and that no-one stops blogging because of this permanently.

    1. Me too, although I was not “knowingly” involved, I was part of a supportive and lovely group, one with huge amounts of time for other people, but just because a few people threw their toys out the pram, they destroyed a lovely kind bunch of people, purely because they think they should be involved in everything! x

  4. You’re obviously referring to something in particular (which, as usual, I know nothing about) but no, no one has the right to tell you what you can and can’t put on your blog. Except perhaps if you stray into copyright and other legal issues. I would just say be true to yourself and forget about the bossy bloggers.

    1. Too true, its something I really do intend to do, I am tired of being pushed around and made to feel small! Will do it for me 🙂 x

  5. I don’t know what went on but I’ve seen some of the backhands too.
    The worst was someone bad mouthing bloggers that do posts to enter a competition and not for a reward.
    I do get jealous of the ones that get nominated for awards.. maybe my time will come one day…:P

  6. I am new to blogging and I don’t really network. lol no time full time job. I do hear about bitchiness all the time but have never experienced it though. Hope I don’t. Hang in there you are doing a lovely job. I just had to comment cause I love to rant as well 🙂

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