Puppy In My Pocket Twitter Party!!!! #puppyinmypocket

It’s that time again!

We are hosting a puppy in my pocket twitter part on Wednesday the 28th of September at 1pm!

We are super duper excited about this one. The girls are huge fans of the range and collect both the Puppies and kittens!

We have an amazing party box which I will be opening on my facebook live. Click here so you can take a look 🙂

Make sure to follow me on twitter at @justchelseam and Uk mums tv on @UKmumstv for prizes a plenty!


Myself and the girls will be there with bells on ready for the action and we expect you to be there too 🙂

You could win yourself a perfect prize just in time for Christmas!

See you there!!


Never Be ashamed Of What You Believe In!

I wasn’t going to write a post.

It just causes fights and tension. But the longer the day has gone on, the more upset and demoralised I become.

Today was the EU referendum in the UK. We got our say on whether or not we wanted to stay in the European union.

Somewhere corruption is swept under the carpet, somewhere people from another country, who we didn’t even elect, gets to make decisions on how our country is run.

Being British used to be a good thing. We held onto our values of freedom of speech and equality. We held onto our British sovereignty and it was a thing we were proud of.


Now you’re a bigot, a racist or a fool even?

Now you are thick.

You just flushed our whole future down the pan.

But how do we know that?!

I have seen people say “if you voted leave i’m ashamed. If you voted leave you have destroyed our children’s future. If you voted leave you will be sorry, If you voted leave please remove yourself from my online presence.”

So tell me. Since when has someone who has a different view point been something we have the right to dictate? We all have different opinions. We all saw and read different things. We all had different reasons.

You are basically telling them they are wrong. Wrong for thinking differently and having a vote. Wrong for staying true to their views.

That not only makes you a hypocrite but bigotted too.

We all have the right to vote.

There are no right or wrong answers and if you can’t have these, nice, kind, friends in your life because they don’t think like you, then what does that make you?!

That’s like saying “if you are not a Christian please remove yourself from my timeline.”

Because they, we are different.

I voted leave.

I voted leave because I want my children to be proud to be who they are.

They can still travel freely. With a passport. Which you need anyway. They can still have family and friends within the EU, because leaving doesn’t stop us from being morally united.

Leaving gives us freedom to use our own political process to pass laws. From people who are living in our country.

It gives us a chance to be British and proud. And that’s okay. We can still be a multicultural and diverse nation. Together.

I am not a bigot. I am not a racist and I am not thick. I follow politics. I make informed choices. I also hate Farage and Brexit.

And the fact that other countries are now wanting to leave the EU means the something isn’t right there. Becuase if it was all that, they wouldn’t feel the need to follow suit.

People are regretting voting leave. And the reason why they are is because those who voted IN are spreading hate and forcing opinions on people.

It seems the IN campaigners who shouted the loudest before are still shouting.

And that shouting got them nowhere yesterday.

So before you attack someone. Or call them stupid or thick.

Take a minute and realise we are all people.

We all have different opinions and beliefs.

But what’s done is done. So let’s just band together and make this a good thing. Instead of trying to emotionally attack people into changing their minds and feeling guilty.

We are not all the same. And that is okay.

I am excited for change. I am excited to see what this will offer my children.

And that’s okay.




What If I Want More Than One Niche?!

In the blogging world everyone talks about your niche.

Where do you fit in?

What do you think your readers want?

I have been away from my blog for a while.

One reason is because I fear the written world of blogs is slowly fading away.

Second reason is because I don’t know where I fit in.

I want to build my youtube channel and the whole niche thing goes on there too.

But what if I love different things?!

I have found a love of baking, like I really love to make cupcakes and cakes and try new things.

Frozen Cupcakes

But I am not a food blogger!

I love being a parent and talking about parent stuff!

family cheeses!

But I am not JUST a parent blogger

I love to do special effects makeup.

voo doo makeup

But I can’t be a beauty blogger.

And I love just talking about things that interest me, random stupid things like giant gnomes!

big gnomes

I have MS and I like to talk about that to help other people like me!


So why can’t I just be me?

I don’t want to just do one thing. Because I love all these things!

Why can’t I just be a blogger or vlogger. One who does anything she wants. One who has lots of interests and completely ridiculous views on life. One who has totally shitty times and wants to talk about it.

I am just me. And that should be okay!

Do you stick to your niche?

Do you wish you could just talk about everything you love?!

Let me know 😉

My 2016 Dreams

Everyone does the whole new years resolution thing and although me and Ben are trying to eat better, we haven’t really made any. But for myself, I have some goals, hopes, dreams whatever you wish to call them.

Firstly I want to be comfortable on a treatment. I am starting a new treatment in a matter of days and I hope this will be the one. But if it’s not, instead of living with it for several years, I will push to find something that suits me.

I need something because I am feeling the chronic tiredness something CHRONIC. 😉

Secondly, I want to finish my therapy and be happy about it. So many people who have therapy don’t talk about it. When you say the phrase “I learnt in therapy” it does make you sound fairly insane. But it shouldn’t. I’m not insane. I’m learning how to cope with something huge. My whole life and body has changed so dramatically over the last five years. I need help to learn new ways to deal with life. And that’s okay.

But I am coming to a point where I feel so empowered when I come out, that I am hoping it means I am close to fixing what needs to be fixed.

Next, I have done a pretty good job of being there this last year. I shut the computer and spent the year concentrating on my family. It felt good. I want to carry that on. I am bad at picking up my phone when I’m bored, but I am trying to put it down and live.

Lastly, I want to build my Youtube channel. I love Youtube. Whether watching videos or making them. It’s just awesome. I have so much to learn, but I want to do it. I want to connect with more people online. I love the community over there, its all warm and cuddly. I hope for my channel to have 2500 subscribers by 2017.

I want my channel to be about everything and anything. My goal is to build this channel and have it become part of my life.

So they are my 2016 dreams. Feel free to leave yours below and we can all join in with the journey.

Watch this space 🙂

The Blogging Paradox

Blogging has always been a strange place.

It’s supportive yet horrifying.

Like a hug from your mum whilst being jabbed in the ribs with a fork. 

It can be lonely, but it can also be a place where you never feel alone.

It is a total paradox.

I took a break from writing my thoughts. Mainly because I needed to free some space up in my tiny tiny brain.

But since returning, it has felt different.

Being away from it all, you can look back on it and see the cliques. The people who like to shout the loudest but back down as to not danger themselves with being someone who stirs.

It is super easy to pick them out when you stay silent.

Blogging has always been a place for different opinions. Whether it’s how you raise you children, the food you feed them and the way you school them, the difference is what makes it interesting.

It makes it a place to learn.

But then when you try and write about something that has been on your mind, something that sounds so ridiculous, but really could happen, you are wrong.

Because suddenly having an opinion makes it okay for people to poke, prod, belittle and throw snide insults.

I can read something, be offended, give my own opinion and move on. Because we are all different.

The world would be incredibly boring if we all agreed.

Having a difference of views and opinions doesn’t make a person bad, it doesn’t change them. It just makes them more interesting. 

So it looks like blogging has become a place you can have an opinion and openly talk about it, but only if everyone else agrees.

You are by no means allowed to be honest, look at real facts or spark a debate.

Because someone might not agree. And that’s bad.

It’s like I have gone back to the playground and I will tell on you if you dont agree!