Win An ECOTOOLS Brush Set!

With 2016 in full swing I have decided to give something back from my January sales shopping madness!

So I will be giving away this STUNNING Brush set from EcoTools. A perfect addition to any brush collection.

eco tools

All entries will be checked so no cheating now! 😛

Competition is open worldwide!

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MS Mummy Loves Moustaches!

Its true I do. From mugs to tshirts, me and the family love anything moustached themed. I think even Pop’s has a t shirt in her drawers, although she doesn’t really get much choice.

So I have been looking for everything moustached themed to proclaim my love for world! So here are a few omoustache mugf my favourite finds.

moutache 1Hallmark do a fabulous range of moustached themed products. Not only that but they are beautiful too. This matching mug and notepad are a personal favourite. I can feel all important whilst drinking tea with my matching moustache notepad!

At a steal at only £6 these novelty gifts are perfect for any moustache fan like myself or just for a really quirky gift. Lovely.


Yep, that over there > thats a big old moustache door mat from mustard.door mat

People can now see from the door what kind of people we are. they can wipe their feet on this lovely door mat. Not only is it a moustache but its all weather purpose, so useful also.

Can’t get better than a useful novelty item can we. Well yes we can!

mugs moustach

These are a range of stunning mugs from Melaggan Smith Mugs. Made from beautiful, crisp white bone china that really are fantastic for any kitchen.

There are several different moustache looks you can choose from over at MS mugs, from the Mercury to the Hogan. Each has a little bit about the tache and the type of person who donned it.

Perfect conversation starter over Sunday tea with the in laws.

These mugs retail at £9 each, which is incredible for the quality. You can also have it personalised!


Talking about the kitchen, cue these MUNCHSTACHES from findagift. Now you can bring the moustached fun into baking!

With a great selection of different styles these novelty cutters have been a hit with the girls, who not only enjoy making moustache biscuits, but styling them and wearing them before eating them up entirely. Wonderful.

These cutters are currentlpamela-mann-moustache-tightsy on sale for £6!

Last in this wonderful list are some beautiful tights from the lovely people over at Pamela Mann

Not only are these a fantastic novelty item, but they look amazing too. They really set an outfit apart from the rest and bring something unique to your style.

Pamela Mann are known for their fantastic tights, not only do they feel so soft, but they also last. Something which not many of my own tights do. Luckily my favourite moustached tights are from Pamela Mann then! Right?

Because both myself and Pamela Mann are feeling generous, I am giving you the chance to win your own pair of moustached tights from Pamela Mann.

Please follow the details below and I hope you enjoyed my finds at much as I did.

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Competition

Yes its heres! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 was released on the 17th of February on DVD and Blu-ray, I am lucky enough to be able to give you the chance to win the DVD and a cloudy with a chance of meatballs goodie bag.


We loved the first cloudy with a chance of meatballs, it was just the right amount of silly and this one does not disappoint. It starts right where the first one left off, but now Flint is finally getting the recognition he so deserves, or so he thinks. He is hired by his idol, Clint to come and work at Live Corp company, Clint knows something Flint does not, that the invention that turned water into food, landed on an island somewhere, and he wants it.

Clint sends Flint on a mission to the island when he hears about the  tacodiles, double bacon cheespiders, apple pie-thons and such like, because the machine is now being used to make foodimals! With the help of his friends and a little Strawberry named Barry, they must the machine and save the world once again.

Cloudy 23 Cloudy 1

This film looks amazing I think you will agree and I am so please to be able to bring you this competiton to win a copy of the DVD and a Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 goodie bag!

Cloudy 2 Goodie Bag

Follow the instructions below, Good luck!

Uk Only, sorry.

© 2013 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Children’s Cooking With The English Table.

Children love to cook. Especially my children, so when we were sent some beautiful children’s cooking equipment, it gave Pops the perfect excuse to get in the kitchen and do some cooking.


The English Table have some really beautiful and amazingly priced cooking equipment for both Children and Adults (of course) and we really enjoyed taking a look around the website and seeing all the lovely things they sell. Seeing as I have an obsession with green kitchen equipment, this was perfect for me!

We were sent:

  • Chefs hat and apron
  • Beautiful butterfly cake tins
  • Cutters
  • Mixing bowl complete with all the little sized accessories Pop’s could need.

As you can see, Pops took to the kitchen with her lovely Auntie to create some amazing creations and using her bowl and measuring spoons she was even able to take part in all the complicated measuring and mixing!

Finished baking

 She was over the moon with her new equipment and was pleased with all the goodies she had made!

Now, I am lucky enough to bring you a great competition to win one of two of these sets (pictured below, not including Pop’s obviously) which would be perfect with Christmas coming, so please follow the instructions, UK Only and good luck!


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Planktons Robot Revenge And The Chance To Win A Wii-U!!


I love a good platformer, and I also love a bit of Spongebob. So both being rolled together and released for the PS3 brought a smile to my face. Add a good measure of Plankton out to try to exhaust himself stealing the crabby patty recipe and your good to go.

Brought to us by the game giant Activision, the game has nice graphics and 5 playable characters.

Packed with a small arsenal of upgradable weapons, you shoot and jump your way various levels of the nautical sea floor, fighting Planktons minions and some fun boss battles with Plankton himself.

The controls are very fluid but there is no pannable camera for better views and angles, However as you progress it’s not really needed.



The level backgrounds are very familiar throughout the game and don’t seem to change often, this is somewhere with activision and their pedigree of games could have done better.

There’s funny voice overs from the spongebob cast giving it the charm, appeal and humor we all know and love.


There is a vast amount of minions to destroy that get tougher in larger packs, and plenty of nuts and bolts to spend on weapons and upgrades.

The game also has a great soundtrack, which we have all enjoyed!

You can play with up to four players at a time, providing you have four controllers and friends with a PS3 too.

This would be great for any young Spongebob fan and give them plenty of fun, and a medium challenge trying to beat the game.

This game is suitable for all ages and would also appeal to trophy hunters, as it seems an easy and straightforward platinum game.

Spongebob Planktons Revenge is available on most gaming platform and would make the perfect gift this Christmas!

See the video below for a little glimpse of the game:

Now, I am so pleased and a little jealous to be able to bring you the chance to win a Wii-U and a copy of the game to play on it, so follow the instructions below and good luck!

UK Only.

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