The Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Studio

My oldest has been doing sewing club at school and is watching me while I’m using my sewing machines and desperately wants to have a go but I have always a little wary until now with  The Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Studio for ages 6 and over from around £43.00.

Now I am a fan of two things, number one sewing and number two, The Great British Sewing Bee, the show was and still is awesome and something that pushed me and Liv into the sewing world.

This is a fun and safe sewing machine for children to be able to get involved with sewing.

The machine comes with an easy to follow instructions in the form of a handy booklet. This machine is ideal for both a  beginner and someone who is more experienced. Everything your little one will need to start out is in the included in the box, including a first project kit for a clutch purse. There are a number of kits available from phones case to blankets.

There is a foot pedal so it is like a fully working grown-up machine, two spare needles, bobbins and a needle threader to help with that all-important task. There are patterns for the clutch bag and an assortment of fabrics.  Hours of fun can be had with this and is a great way to get your children involved with something else away from a screen. Sewing is a great hobby that could develop into something more. There are endless possibilities that can come from this sewing machine, clothes for dolls as well as people, bags and teddies. Liv loves being able to sew along with at me at home and I like knowing she has a safe machine to sew from, one that performs like a fully functioning machine that I would use. 

This is a great gift for Christmas and with the compact machine it will not take up much space and easy to store.

Here’s something made by Liv!

We are Baker Ross Bloggers!

So, it seems my children’s love of craft was spotted by the lovely people at Baker Ross, so we were invited to join their blogger network.

How could I say no?

Much to my delight, we recently had a box of goodies sent to us, mainly focused around spring time and mothers day. We took the opportunity to get some of the girls friends around and have a day a Nannies making some lovely bits and bobs.

The kids and adults had a wonderful time, Boo especially seemed to love the fact she had free rein with the glue, something which doesn’t happen too often. I thought I would let some lovely photos tell the story of the day with our first box from the lovely Baker Ross.

Craft one

Craft two

Baker Ross do some amazing kits, like the daffodil wreath, the kids loved it. Their prices are second to none and the quality of each product is fantastic.

All the kids had a fab day and everyone had something to take home to their mums, the magnetic hearts were an absolute hit, the loved being able to add their own creations to the front, as did the adults evidently!

Keep and eye out for our next box of goodies and what the girls will do with it, I am sure it will be bigger and sticker than before!

Christmas Card For Santa, Our Entry

So we were asked to be involved with the create your own Christmas card comp with Furniture Choice, and as I have two arty children, we jumped at the chance!

The idea is to make a Christmas Card for Santa, which both girls loved. Lets face it, what Santa could resist a beautifully handmade card with his mince pie and brandy!?

So the lovely people at Furniture choice sent us a bag of goodies to help us with our little project, and as Pops as all but destroyed her other craft stuff, this was very welcomed. Anyway, as the girls are only 4 and 1, we thought the best way to do this was to set them up with all the goodies (even the glue) and let them do what they do best, be creative and make lots of mess! 

And what better way to show off our crafty afternoon with some photos….


Getting started was easier than expected, especially as they were given so much choice on colours and card etc. Boo was taken with the huge array of felt tips, they are her favourite, so she got stuck into those and Pops took the lead with gingerbread men in hats! So off they went…


After we had stuck everything they wanted onto the front of the card and Pops had spent much of her time explaining how Boo was to not scribble with her felt tips and was to “stay on her own side” we took to the glitter. The only way we could do this was to give them the glue to dollop about and then let them loose with several pots of glitter, see…

Glitter time!

We even captured a rather small hand after the glitter madness…


So, after over lovely afternoon with stamping, gluing, glitter, stickers and so much more, we finally finished our card for Santa. We even tried to stick the little cracker in on some springy card, but alas it was too heavy. Its the thought that counts so we’re thinking he will still enjoy it with Mrs Claus. I wrote the little message in and pops wrote her name again underneath, lets hope Santa likes it 🙂

Santa card

A would like to say a big thank you to Furniture Choice for letting us take part. Both myself, sister and the girls had a lovely time, and it was great to get a little messy for once!

Merry Christmas 🙂

This is our entry to the furniture choice Christmas card competition. I did not receive any payment, however we were provided with craft materials. 

We Made Easter Nests, Edible Ones!

Yes, although I am not really an Easter fan we made edible Easter nests with Pops this week, so she could take the to playgroup and share them with her friends (much to her dismay)

So here is our nest journey in photos, please bear in mind my Sister made us do in it our jammies so we didn’t have to get changed twice, now that is logic.

Crush shredded wheat
Crush shredded wheat
Then I help
Then I help

DSCF1435 DSCF1437 DSCF1436 DSCF1438

Finishes nests
Finishes nests

The great thing about these chocolate crispes is they contain no actual chocolate! MEGA!

1 Good Tablespoon of margarine

4 Tablespoons of icing sugar

2 tablespoons of golden syrup

Put into pan together until it just starts to boil, don’t let it boil though, then add 2 sieved tablespoons of cocoa powder, mix together then quickly add the shredded wheat (or if its not Easter rice crispies) then stir and add to paper cases! Done!

Let them cool, (or if you are me eat them ASAP) then you ave some yummy treats, we added mini eggs and little chicks for that extra nesty effect 🙂

Don’t forget to share the yummy love below 😉

Keeping Those Memories.

I hate stuff.

I have become someone who throws away everything. I have kept nothing from my past parters as I throw stuff away really easily. 

One thing I will not throw away is artwork .

No, not mine, I could not draw to save my life, no this is Pop’s artwork and Beboo’s when she does some.

Yes, every silly scribble I get home from play school I keep.

Don’t believe me?

Yep, I have a love of all things my girls create!

So I decided I was going to make them into a scrap book and show everyone how to do it, simple and easy.

All you need it a hole punch and some treasury tags:

You simply punch the pages and threat the tags through. You can even add the odd things and the larger pictures!

After doing it with all the art work you then have the completed book that you can add too at any time.

It cost me like £3 to do ad that included buying the hole punch.

Now I can keep an account of her art and how it changes.

How do you document their achievements?!