I Am Going To Win Christmas 2014!

I know, a bold statement if I have ever heard one, but this is my goal. I AM going to win Christmas for 2014. 

Just before the Christmas just gone, I was introduced to comping. I have even won a few things, so I have made the choice that as well as my three blogs, I am also going to try my hand at winning gifts for family and the girls, and maybe even food closer to the time.

Granted I will get a few bargains when I see them, but I am hoping that the majority will be wins.

I will admit, I am a little obsessed with saving money at the moment, and people always go on about how December is such a hard month and even though ours was not, I want it to be even easier on my wallet. Hey, maybe I will even get the chance to give gifts I couldn’t ever dream of affording?

Who knows. 

So, here goes my little quest into the unknown.

All this as well as real life, is going to be a mission. So keep the cokes coming and maybe even a little burger or two? Hell, get me Frankie and Bennys On speed dial 😛

And by that I mean salad, lots of salad…


My Christmas Money Saving Tips!

So, here it is. My money saving secrets for getting your Christmas shopping done in good time and at a fraction of the cost!

Now lets start with general people. Firstly, I only tend to buy for close family and very close friends, there really is no point in going crazy just for the sake of it, a Christmas card with a photo or nice message is just as good as anything, so write a list, then knock of the people who you have spoken to less than 5 times this last year.

Then you will have your list.

Me and the Sister try and do homemade gifts where we can, from cakes, biscuits and elderflower champagne, to truffles and homemade jam. Its simple, easy and really cheap to do in bulk. Pubs are always getting rid of glass bottles, so ask them to save them for you for a week or so, it costs nothing and benefits both parties.

Also, planning ahead can pay off, literally. I have had my presents ready for friends and family since January, we found that places like boots sell there three for two gifts for less than half price after Christmas, some literally £4, for something you would have paid £18 for a week earlier. SO we grabbed a basket or two and filled them. I think I managed to get around 22 gifts, for family and even Pop’s friends for around £50. All of which were like treble the price just a few days earlier.

They are sat in my attic ready for the wrapping.

Next is the girls. Now I like them to have a Christmas like my own as a child. Stockings and a nice big pile in the morning, however I am no where near in the money, so we do what we can.

Like before I plan ahead. Places like Peacocks sell all there stocking fillers off in the January sales, this time for pence. So we grabbed what we saw the girls would like, which girls doesn’t like a hairband lollypop and a spinning fork?!

Then I buy as the year goes on. Every toy sale I see, I go and seek out the cheapest items that will be age appropriate by the time next Christmas swings round.

Places like The Entertainer do some really amazing offers, around the time of year when people are not looking to buy presents.

Also, Argos online. Now this one I use most. They have a clearance section which is often filled with all sorts of toys. We have seen toys previously for sale at £35 now down to like £5.99. Its always on there and they add to it when they have something to clear, so we check monthly, reserve what is around and then put them by like the rest.

It has saved me so much money doing my Christmas shopping as soon as this Christmas is over. Yes, I have now finished for everyone this year  and I don’t have to stress as Christmas creeps up!

I can sit back and watch you all stress instead 😛


Today I Discovered Thriftiness!

Yup, today for the first time, I discovered how much fun charity shops can be. I found thriftiness.

I know, where have I been? 

There was games and toys for 10p, good ones at that. Sofas and DVDs for like next to nothing, it was amazing, me and Pops had loads of fun.

Now I’ll be honest here, charity shops or second hand ones have always had a stigma attached to them. It wasn’t “cool” to go in them (not that I was ever cool) so I tended to stay away.

I have always liked a bargain. I buy my summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer. I buy the girls Christmas presents throughout the year, in the sales, so they cost me like half of what you pay 😛

I won’t reveal my “toy shops” secret though, as that is a need t know thing.

I never really thought of going into the charity shops, but really that is all that “vintage” crap is all about, right?

Now I know they joys of these thrifty shops, I will be venturing into the local towns to find myself some bargains.

I feel an obsession coming on…….

Lunch box Money Saving Tip.

Probably the most boring thing ever, the lunch box. Thinking of something different to put in this damn box, really does taunt me.

It also bleeds me dry of money, its the the silent assassin of the food budget, boxey little bastard. 

Anyhow, on a recent trip to the range, me and the sister found a great little money saving tip, so simple, but perfect…

jelly pots


Yup, jelly pots, WITH LIDS! Amazing, who knew?! Well Pops loves a good jelly, so this would save us a fortune on all those little jelly tubs, plus she got to make the jelly too!

pops n jelly 1 jelly 2 jelly 3 DSCF1381

After a few hours in the fridge they were ready to go! You can use any flavour and add fruit if you like, easy and cheap!

mum n jelly

Yes, I like it too, the next lot will make it to the lunch box, I swear. 

Anyone got any other money saving lunch box tips?! Come on SHARE 🙂