Never Be ashamed Of What You Believe In!

I wasn’t going to write a post.

It just causes fights and tension. But the longer the day has gone on, the more upset and demoralised I become.

Today was the EU referendum in the UK. We got our say on whether or not we wanted to stay in the European union.

Somewhere corruption is swept under the carpet, somewhere people from another country, who we didn’t even elect, gets to make decisions on how our country is run.

Being British used to be a good thing. We held onto our values of freedom of speech and equality. We held onto our British sovereignty and it was a thing we were proud of.


Now you’re a bigot, a racist or a fool even?

Now you are thick.

You just flushed our whole future down the pan.

But how do we know that?!

I have seen people say “if you voted leave i’m ashamed. If you voted leave you have destroyed our children’s future. If you voted leave you will be sorry, If you voted leave please remove yourself from my online presence.”

So tell me. Since when has someone who has a different view point been something we have the right to dictate? We all have different opinions. We all saw and read different things. We all had different reasons.

You are basically telling them they are wrong. Wrong for thinking differently and having a vote. Wrong for staying true to their views.

That not only makes you a hypocrite but bigotted too.

We all have the right to vote.

There are no right or wrong answers and if you can’t have these, nice, kind, friends in your life because they don’t think like you, then what does that make you?!

That’s like saying “if you are not a Christian please remove yourself from my timeline.”

Because they, we are different.

I voted leave.

I voted leave because I want my children to be proud to be who they are.

They can still travel freely. With a passport. Which you need anyway. They can still have family and friends within the EU, because leaving doesn’t stop us from being morally united.

Leaving gives us freedom to use our own political process to pass laws. From people who are living in our country.

It gives us a chance to be British and proud. And that’s okay. We can still be a multicultural and diverse nation. Together.

I am not a bigot. I am not a racist and I am not thick. I follow politics. I make informed choices. I also hate Farage and Brexit.

And the fact that other countries are now wanting to leave the EU means the something isn’t right there. Becuase if it was all that, they wouldn’t feel the need to follow suit.

People are regretting voting leave. And the reason why they are is because those who voted IN are spreading hate and forcing opinions on people.

It seems the IN campaigners who shouted the loudest before are still shouting.

And that shouting got them nowhere yesterday.

So before you attack someone. Or call them stupid or thick.

Take a minute and realise we are all people.

We all have different opinions and beliefs.

But what’s done is done. So let’s just band together and make this a good thing. Instead of trying to emotionally attack people into changing their minds and feeling guilty.

We are not all the same. And that is okay.

I am excited for change. I am excited to see what this will offer my children.

And that’s okay.




GTA5 Is Not For Children.

Its been discussed time and time again, yet parents still think its okay to let there children play GTA5. A game that has been rated 18+

Some might wonder why it matters? Its only a game, right? Yes, it is. However it has that rating for a reason.

Children are just that, children. They are impressionable and always learning, the never miss a thing and they take in every little ounce of life.

I am not against the game if its played by the right person, who is the right age. In-fact I love games, although this one is not one I personally would play, there is just so much going on that I simply couldn’t keep up.

See, it takes concentration. It works every part of the mind and requires the person who plays it to follow the story, much like a film. So letting someone as young as 5 play this game, is just not responsible…

This is me and Pop’s learning her words…



And here is me showing Pop’s how we must be kind to the puppies and all animals…



We teach our children everything. From how to sleep and eat, to reading and treating other people or animals in the right way.

I intend to do what I can to keep my children as children for as long as I can, so I struggle to see why there are so many parents out there letting there children play games like these?

Hubby told me about a young boy who was 8. He hung himself after being bullied. Personally, when I was 8 I knew nothing about suicide or how to go about it, and I cannot for life of me see how someone so young came about this?

We really have to remember children learn from doing, they sometimes struggle to separate real life from play, which is why games like these, should be kept for adults.

They should also be kept out of the eye line of children in toy shops…

Picture From: My Life, My Son, My Way.

It sends out the wrong image. A catalogue for games with adult ratings would suffice.

Personally, I would not like my child to think its okay going around beating up prostitutes and belittling women. Or that stealing and taking drugs is ‘normal’ This game gives a frightening view on life and thanks to amazing computer imagery, it looks so very real. 

Now, if you are a parent and you let your underage child play these games and think nothing of it, watch these videos and them tell me its okay…

Wee Wars…

We all know by now, as parents going to the toilet is more like a treat than something we have to do. I didn’t think it could get any worse, then wee wars began.

See, it was around 7pm, kids bathed and in bed, Hubby had taken the dogs for a walk, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to have a wee.

I made a break for it.

I could finally have a pee in peace.

I sit down, start the flow and low and behold I hear a “MUUUUUUUMMMM, I am coming down to have a toilet”

I inform her I am currently mid flow, and she will have to give me a minute or so. See my MS means I don’t always wee like a normal person, I sometimes take longer and need to fight with my bladder to make sure I am done. Or this will happen.

Anyway, she informed me she couldn’t possibly wait and needed to go right now, so I should get up and let her go?


I waited, I picked the perfect time, yet here I am being told I need to stop what I am doing, which is peeing and let the four year old with a stronger bladder go take over.

There are no words.



To make it worse, when Hubby arrived back, he simply walked in, shut the toilet door and did his thing. In peace.


I swear, from now on I am going to barricade the door and claim the toilet back.

Or at least I’ll try…… 

What Is With All The Homework?!

Seriously, what is with all the homework?

I mean, its not even for Pops, its for me! It also seems to come with the usual ‘homework pressure’ something I assumed I had left behind?!

Last week I forgot to send in the star. Truth be told I forgot all about the star. I know, I am a hideous Mother, how dare I right? This week I have made sure I have filled in the star, its in the bag ready to go, I am assuming its on time?!

Not that I even know I am doing it right?

To be perfectly frank, I tend to forget about the things she does and says that I know should go on the star. At the time I think “Ah-ha! This is star worthy” Then when it comes to writing on it, nothing. I try and write notes on my phone, however my note taking seems to have gone terribly wrong.

I am not sure me and the star will ever really get on together.

Then its the reading record.

I have learnt who Chip and Biff are, not that I know why you would call your daughter Biff or your son Kipper!? That was beyond me.

Anyway, I have done the flashcards until I am blue in the face, we are doing the books when we can, however I always forget to fill in the reading record. By the time we have finished our sit down, I am usually trying to wrangle a flashcard out of Beboos mouth.

Then someone, whether it be human or dog, is peeing on the floor, by this time, the reading record has been forgotten. Then I feel like a crap Mother when I remember I forgot, when Pops is walking into school.

Good timing…..

Anyone else snowed under with charts, records and governor letters?!

Parent SOS


What To Do About The Flu?!

So I read something today about a new vaccine being available for children, the flu vaccine. However this is in nasal spray form and can be given from 2 years up.

Just one simple spray.

Now, I personally get them on the NHS for myself because my MS means I have a low immune system and if I got the flu, I could even die. So I try and make sure I have it (last year I forgot, I blame my MS for that!) So for myself, its a given, there is no way I am letting the flu take me out!

Its also something my husband gets because he works in the heath sector, that also means he won’t bring it home which is nice, but now I have the children to consider as well?!

Beboo is too young, so that’s that choice made, however for Pop’s, I am considering it.

I would have to pay as it’s only available at certain pharmacies, however I paid for myself to have it before my MS so that’s nothing new.

I hate having to give them extra things like this, however I think its important for her to stay healthy and I would rather that than she get the flu and become really poorly.

Aside from the thought of having a really poorly child, I would still have to deal with my own stupid disease, so I don’t cope well with extra stress, and I am not the super Mum most Mums become when they have a poorly child. As much as I wish I could be.

I fail in that department.

I hate flu season, it is by far the worst season, so I like to be two steps ahead of it and have my vaccine hat on, if there is such a thing?! 

So, will you be paying for the spray? Or fighting the fight alone?!