Raspberry Picking Time!

Today we went to Nannies, I needed my dress taking up and we had not been for some time all together, so we descended on poor Nanny!

Turned out when we arrived the sun had decided to put in an appearance, which was more than welcome as that meant the girls could make a big mess outside instead.

Always a bonus.

Pops soon appeared with a raspberry from the garden and was soon calling me into the garden to show me where the raspberries grew, after treading on a thistle (owch by the way) I soon discovered Beboo had also come to find some raspberries, so I thought it to be the perfect time to take some snaps and capture all the things I would have otherwise missed.

IMGP0199 IMGP0179 IMGP0180 IMGP0184 IMGP0187 IMGP0190

IMGP0191 IMGP0192 IMGP0196 IMGP0197 IMGP0198


They had a lovely time running around in the outdoors and we all had a lovely time eating our raspberries after lunch!!

Playing With Our New Camera!

So recently I won a competition to win a brand new camera from Pentaxand I won. Each month I will do a post about the photos I have taken with my brand new K-500. As I have only had it a day, we have just been having a play so here are some or my favs!








IMGP0114 IMGP0110






Yes, I took a photo of a bin, but in my defense, Hubby left me and the girls in the car for like five minutes and we got bored! I have already had much fun with the camera, but I have SO much to learn, get used to seeing many more photos! Thank you so much Pentax!!!!!