Well Done Will.I.Am Way To Make A Girl Feel Special

So last night was the final of The Voice 2013, I have to say I am/was quite a fan of the voiceand I have loved Andrea since her first audition, so when she was crowned last nights winner, I was pleased. However it seems many other people were not and felt it ‘appropriate’ to completely tear her win apart on twitter.

Including the famous judge Will.I.Am who tweeted several unfair and quite frankly disrespectful tweets “You should feel the audiences vibration in the room tonight after the publics vote…its #unexplainable…so sad…#perplexed” and “Andrea is amazing…#dontGETmeWRONG…but we know who has the incredible #voice

Then the British public took to twitter and got #sympathyvote trending. WOW, really?

As a partially sighted disabled woman myself, I didn’t want Andrea to win for this reason, I wanted her to win for her amazing voice, one she worked damn hard to get heard.

If say Leah had won, I am sure as usual there would be people who supported the other contestants who would have something to say, however they simply would not have gone to the extreme level of getting something so hurtful trending on twitter. It would have simply gone over their heads, but no, not with someone who is disabled, that MUST mean its purely sympathy? Right?! 

Why is it, that people this day and age are so very cruel, why do they feel the need to do this to someone?!

I know from my own experiences, how hard it must have been for her to even apply for the show. My betting is she had already been turned away from many other auditions for the way she looked and even her disability itself, but I am guessing she didn’t make a fuss about it. She simply carried on the fight. 

I was disgusted and ashamed by the behaviour and harsh words from the people of twitter and also from people like Will.I.Am who should damn well know better.

By all means, you all have people you were backing, but there was absolutely no need to be so cruel and vindictive.

Long gone are the days when people are simply happy for other people. They always feel the need to take it that extra step too far.

The Right To Die, My View.

So I know this is a controversial topic and I know everyone has different views but this is my blog so I will give my view.

With people appealing to the government for the right to die, its a huge topic in the press right now and I have to say, its something that I feel really strongly about.

I have a friend called Kerry, she has MS too, she is older than me and her MS is alot further along than mine, she is someone I have met very few times however she is also someone who understands just how I feel.

She said something to me the first time I met her which will never leave me. This was, that one day we may be unable to walk, lift or even talk, we may be seen as ‘useless’ however our minds will still be in full thinking order, so essentially we would be trapped inside our own bodies.

I believe for people who have lived life with a severe disability, however they are still of sound mind, should be able to choose whether or not to carry on.

The people behind the decision making have no idea just what these people have gone though, the pain and the loss, always having to find other ways to do things most people take for granted. How can they really make a choice for someone else when they simply have no clue?! 

I know if I ever reach the point where I cannot move, speak or simply do anything myself, I would want to end it. Not because I am selfish but because I would not want to live in a body where I could not even express myself, to not be able to have a conversation with my children and simply just sit waiting to die, starring into space and offering nothing to the world.

I would simply feel like a burden, like I was being kept alive to simply waste away.

Now I am not stupid, although I do believe certain people should be given the right to die, I also believe that the journey to that choice should be a long, carefully managed one.

I believe it should be far from easy and I know changing the law is a tough one, however people living with these severe disabilities are the only ones who really know how they feel, they are living it each day and I completely understand why some have simply had enough.

Time To Put This Taboo To Bed!

I really think people need to put this whole taboo subject to bed. Forever.

Yes, I am talking about contraception, emergency contraception (EHC) and such like. From condoms to the pill, people have sex so these thing will always exist.


One of the biggest “face pullers” is the morning after pill, or EHC as it is also known.

Now I worked in pharmacy dispensing for a few years, in this pharmacy we offered said pill, for free. Everyone I worked with was very relaxed and never a face was pulled (unless I was attempting to eat a 5 pack of doughnuts or squashing myself under some drawers) even the pharmacists we had never made the person coming in for it feel embarrassed.

I myself have had EHC a few times, may moons ago. Mostly for genuine accidents but the odd one because I was a careless teen. Each time I went to a pharmacy I was never treated with respect, I was made to feel like a child and dirty for being there, when in-fact I was doing the right thing.

I was seeking help before I became another statistic. I was also in a proper relationship, never one for sleeping around. I till remember the last time I had it, I was still working in pharmacy myself, however went to a different one after work because we were mega busy. The lady was rude and treated me like I was wasting her time and money. When in actual fact, this wasn’t true. I informed her not to patronise me, as I knew she would be getting £25 for spending five minutes talking to me. Ha! Up yours you snotty bitch! 

The only place I ever felt comfortable was the local “Time4U” service in town. I have been going there since the age of 13, I realised when I went there today, I had been going 10 years then Hubs reminded me I can only use it for another two years.

I use it instead of the Doctors because its easy. No appointments or faffing, just in and out. The staff are always lovely and although I now feel like the oldest person in the room, I am glad I do use it, I can get my next injection with no hassle.

Going there today reminded me how great a service like this is and how people in normal pharmacies could learn a thing or two about treating people nicely. Maybe if they did, teenagers would be less afraid to get the morning after pill or by condoms, reducing teen pregnancies that little bit more.



Food for thought, no?!

Kids In Care

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I am sat here watching CBBC on iplayer. Why? Because I love Tracey beaker. 

Yes, ever since Danni Harman popped up on my screen many moons ago, I have been hooked and now, the new series The Dumping Ground is basically Tracey Beaker Returns, without Tracey Beaker.

As odd as it is without her, I think its still a great show.

Growing up I have to admit it did glamorise the whole ‘being in care’ thing. It made it look like a fun and happy place, like being at home and having parents was, well, boring?

However as the how has grown, it is nice to see some of the stories behind the care kids. Although they are fictional characters, I have no doubt there is some truth behind each and every background story. 

From and adult (or my) perspective, it makes you realise that not all homes are happy ones.

Sometimes it gets me wondering what goes on behind those front doors. Are there children happy like my own?

Our family life is far from perfect and I myself am a far from perfect mother, my MS often makes it hard to play or do all the things mums are supposed to do, however I always make sure the girls are happy, healthy and safe.

It sicken me to think other parents are not doing the same.

Although I know each and every person has their own story and problems, I still feel some bring it on themselves. I also feel that if you are ready to make and have children, you should look after them, put them first and be the parent they deserve.

Still, it makes you wonder, if everyone is the ‘perfect’ parent, why there are so many kids in care and stories of abuse and neglect in the news.

There is no excuse for causing a child to come to harm or neglect.

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant?

So, the lovely Kate Middleton is pregnant, it was just a few months ago everyone was raging about the wedding and the fact the were actually enjoying themselves on a beach?

Now, the lovely Will and kate are expecting  a royal baby!

I have to say, part of me cannot but help feel sorry for the royal pair. I mean the poor woman is suffering with hyperemesis, or morning sickness as  people often refer to it as. Its something myself and many other women deal with during pregnancy, I was also in hospital with Beboo however no-one ever really believe its that bad, well not until someone royal gets it, then the GP’s are cashing in all over the news! 

Cue a heard of angry women.

I cannot help but feel the news and press should back off and leave this lovely young couple to it.

Yes press people, she is pregnant and with pregnancy, comes a whole host of horrible things. From wind to swollen ankles, its normal. Okay?

Nevertheless, I am sure the press will be all over it whether she gets huge or stays small, they will need to have a say.

Because leaving her to enjoy it would just not pay the bills be something that would cross their minds!

I for one wish them well and hope the media and press alike give them the space they deserve.