Teddy Together 3ds review


This review has been a bit of time in the works, mainly due to the girls wanting to play it all the time and getting the 3DS sticky and unsusable has made it difficult to get my hands on it.

Teddy Together see’s you adopt your very own teddy bear that comes to life very much in a style of Nintendogs.
Although there seems to be plenty of recycled ideas from other games here, it offers a rich experience for children and companionship.

Teddy is very inquisitive and wants to get to know all about you. It pretty much will become your child’s best friend as the information you input will be stored and used to communicate with you.
Teddy can process information it receives and cleverly involves it into conversation. For example; Teddy will ask about a special person like a sibling, auntie etc and will say it would like to meet that person one day. There is an introduction icon to enable this and little conversations between child and bear will be made. By being able to do this your child can talk about important people in their life and not only will Teddy talk to you about them but can also interact with that person too making it an inclusive experience.

Regarding the type of questions asked there’s nothing of concern or frightening that I can see here as the questions are designed to seem like the bear has its own personality to make it seem very real and like a pet to appeal to a child. As Teddy is inquisitive it will ask many questions and ending questions will fill up a friendship bar increasing you friendship level. You are also rewarded for answering questions and doing so will unlock more things to do and award you money to purchase things at the shops. Items at the shop are seasonal and will even change daily so returning every day to check back to see whats on offer is essential.

Things you can do with your teddy include; making her meals in a cooking mama style, growing plants and vegetables and shopping, along with a handful of other things.

It is fair to say Teddy has an odd voice, quite akin to Mii and Tomodachi life characters. It doesn’t seem like the voice can be altered like you can in Tomodachi life which would have been a good touch, and differnet pitches and tones would have been quite fun. There is more scope that could potentially be added to the game in future by means of DLC continuing to enhance the experience. But as is it stands it sadly seems like it may be short lived.


Here’s what Evie (4) thought of the game…

“Well I like playing it so much, and she likes to watch television.”

“It’s good. I like to feed her lollipops, I need to buy some more at the shop.”

“I like cooking food and feeding her.”

“We like to go shopping for dresses and dressing up.”

“When she gets more hungry… I feed her some more lunch!”

“I like to read letters in the book!” … (Evie can’t actually read yet :D)

“Teddy makes me tickle her, she likes tickles.”

The game itself is quite limited and the touch screen on the 2DS has stopped working so unfortunately that concludes this review.

Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games Wii U review


*all images are created by myself using the Miiverse screenshot feature

The Rio 2016 Olympics are soon to be underway and its time for Mario and Sonic and friends to dust of their running shoes and for you to purchase an ample supply of AA batteries for your WiiUmotes for some friendship rivalry with your pals.

There are 14 events to practise and compete in for glory.

WVW69jcddhAAgXxbLcIn the main HUB of the game which is a white sanded beach, you will encounter CPU characters that represent your options, and Mii characters from around the world. As there is usually a sticker/stamp collection theme in Mario games it is here swapped out for country stickers where the Mii characters reside. Being a video game fan is world renown and more often than not like-minded folk like to interact with friends from around the globe. After competing in events will will be awarded coin and stars, and for medal events you also unlock items for your Mii character for customisation.

WVW69jcdegcYlETjA2One of the highlight events of the game for me is the Archery event. It controls smoothly and particularly well with the WiiUmote. No characters stats are the same for any two events encouraging you to swap and try the different characters and their abilities. There is a chance in the third heat to hit star targets which will trigger the targets to become star targets for insanely high scores.

WVW69jcdgR87Ntt3FtI am no fan of football but this event doesn’t feel like such a chore to endure due to its back to basics style and smooth controls akin to the likes of ISS for the Super Nintendo.

Similar to the football event, rugby has smooth controls and a simple style with extra robot CPU players that is a pleasure to play making it another highlight event for me.

WVW69jcdhoUNqtvwmh (1)I can’t help but feel a trick or two were missed with the events though. For a start the table the Table Tennis event is tiny, and although this may be accurate to life it makes what could be a great smash tennis style event tedious. A bigger size table could have gone a long way to enhancing the experience and the smash style mechanics.
If all the elements were right a Mario smash table tennis game with optional motion controls to me would be a very appealing idea.
Maybe I just missed it, which I don’t think I did, but I also feel a motion control option for the Wii U pad for Archery could have also made a big difference and would have allowed a smooth and responsive target domination.

WVW69jcdlsokslN9cxMario Nintendo games are often well known for mini games and game modes, I feel this is also missing from this title as there seems to be considerably less events compared to the M & S Winter Olympic games Sochi and extra events to appear to be unlocked throughout your play.

WVW69jcdk_IllV3bDNThe HUB is certainly a missed opportunity in the form of mini games where walking upto the shore line could have activated options to surf on the sea, wake board or paragliding. Aswell as options to enter a sandcastle building competition, metal detecting, rock pooling etc. Maybe i’m rambling on a bit but you can’t deny these little touches would make great additions.

WVW69jcdjD4593WeZYMaybe as Nintendo are aware of their younger audience, the control scheme seems to have been revised from the previous winter Olympics game and less technical. More children friendly if you like. Events such as Equestrian and Gymnastics are still rhythm based and require combinations of button pressing and holds and feel easier to negotiate. These changes do make the game more appealing to younger gamers and less inclined to get frustrated and give up too easily.

If you do feel the events are a breeze for you and you want more challenge, the CPU have 3 difficulty settings to chose from.

One thing I don’t like is the automatic return on a couple of the events in table tennis and beach volley ball, or at least the option to use automatic return or not as the option to have it is good for your average or occasional gamer.

While there doesn’t seem to be unlockable characters from the Mario and Sonic universes to use as a playable character, they do at least appear to compete against you in events.

The events for this game is a mixed bag of good and mediocre. For me personally, I feel this game while a solid effort, is not a scratch on the previous game which my family and I still love to play.
Overall I get the feeling that due to the newer control scheme and the events available that perhaps the 3DS version would suit its style better and will be the game to buy and get more play time from.

Netflix #Streamteam April

Wow, April already.

Easter is over, half term is all done and what a month it has been.

We were all SO poorly over half term. We had doctors visits and so many antibiotics to distribute. At times, I wondered if myself and Ben would survive.

Alas with the help of family we did.

Family and Netflix.

Netflix released so many epic kids films this month, from frozen, which was added for a couple of weeks, to rio 2, which is awesome because it is a family favourite.

Netflix kept us going this month, it brought a little bit of happiness with the family film love, and I think, kept us all sane.


These classic hit blockbuster for all the family have just hit Netflix for everyone to enjoy!





Indulge yourself in a different way this Easter by bagging yourself some me-time and snuggling down to the films
you didn’t get chance to see at the cinema.

The hit film based on the popular book which will have you giggling, laughing and in awe of what the women went through in Mississippi.

Julianna Moore won numerous academy awards in this drama which sees a happily married woman with three children diagnosed with Alzeheimer’s.

With an all star cast including Jamie Fox and Leonardo DiCaprio,
Django Unchained follows a slave accompanying a Bounty Hunter on a vicious mission.

Go and sign up now! It’s all you need for some sanity 😛

WIN! A Teletubbies Pull Along Custard Train!

So recently we reviewed the new range of toys from the Teletubbies!

They are awesome, so awesome in fact, we want to give you the chance to win something from the range.

So! We are giving you the chance to win the pull along custard train!


It’s open internationally, so get entering 🙂

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All little girls are princesses especially in our house, with dress, shoes and crowns. So when we had a chance to review the Glitterbelle story and activity books we jumped at the chance.

Glitterbelle is a glittery, fun and creative princess the books are for ages 6 years and up. You can keep up with Glitterbelle in her story ‘The Sparkliest Princess Ever’ its about all her climbing trees and riding her scooter while wearing her tiara, but when she tires to be a fairy tale princess it doesn’t quite go as expected but she has some good friends to help her out. There is also one other thing about princess Glitterbelle she will not eat her peas  and how the queen reminds her that every princess  in the family loves their peas!!! From £5.99

The story book has lovely illustrations and is a lovely read this is also available in a read along book. To accompany this book and to bring the story alive there are also other activity books available. A lovely friendship book that is a journal for your princess to record her her dreams, friends and life in this is a great little gift and a place to keep their memories. From around £5.99

There are 2 activity books which we love to take out with us if we go out for a meal or to friends just give the girls something to do to keep them entertained. There is a sticker dress up book where your princess can dress up Glitterbelle and her friends in her own princesses designs and there is a story along with it to bring it alive it comes with  mini glitter nail art too. From £4.99

And finally an activity book is a based on a sleepover that Glitterbelle is having with her friends and as you read the story you can add doodles, pictures to colour and there is even a make your own tiara page to become a proper princess. There is a lovely note pad in a tin for any extra pictures from £4.99

This is a great range of books and really get the princess involved with the story and help them to understand and feel part of it.