Cbeebies sweet dreams with squidge


£20.00 for ages 10m+

We had the opportunity to review the Cbeebies squidge the lovely able Cbeebies character sweet dreams toy. This was a hit as Cbeebies is on a little in our house to say the least. This is a great toy for getting the children into their bedtime routine, so they understand when bedtime starts and they also have some comfort while they are getting to sleep in their own bed.

He plays the Cbeebies bedtime hour tune by pressing his tummy, press it again and he will stop straightway, he also glows in different colours when you give him a gentle squeeze as the tune plays this will help any little clam down ready for bed. He is also very soft and huggable which will make him a great favourite bedtime toy. The tune and the lights do not last for very long which is also a great idea for the little ones that go to sleep quickly and it has an on off switch too!!!!! You can all sing along with the song as the words are printed on the back of the box so the is no excuse for nanny and grandpa not to join in!!!!

Boo has loved playing with the squidge and now gets even more excited when she sees them on the TV, she is a huge Cbeebies fan, so her “squidger” was a welcome addition to the toy box. For me, it’s a massive bonus it helps at bedtime. Now she is getting older she is becoming like her sister at bedtime, wanting the light on, with her squidge gives him a cuddle and is usually asleep by the time he turns off!

He does need 3 x AAA batteries but these are supplied with squidge when you by him

There are also other Cbeebies toys available from Chatty Bugbies to a wooded sorting puzzle

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