This is a great gift idea that you can keep adding to for birthdays and christmas or just as a gift. This is designed for girls 8+ to design, customize their very own charm bracelets, different coloured threads, beads chains pearls and a lot more. There are over 100 different charms with 11 different themes. This is also an interactive gift with an app for a tablet or smartphone. This app allows the girls to scan their charms and enter this virtual ‘charmazing world’ where they can trade with their friends and connect with other fashionista. They will receive charms, empowering messages and powerful charm combination help to advance through the levels they can complete their charm collections by trading with friends the more charm collections you complete the quicker they with become the ‘ultimate charmaster’

The different themes are from nature the seasons to luck and the seaside.

Each charm comes with its own energy card. There is a lovely bracelet starter kit with work station to help you build your charms. Different sets that come in twos which is great for your charmaster and her friend. Each pack contains charms, energy cards and full instructions.

This is a great idea for pocket money to as they start from £4.99


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