What Christmas Eve Means To Me…

There have been loads of posts flying around about what Christmas means to people, however I have decided to share what Christmas eve means to me. 

I was lucky to have a really fantastic childhood, where I was allowed to be a child for a long as I wanted and Christmas was always a special time for me, full of food and family, and I love food! 

Christmas eve was always my favourite day, apart from Christmas day of course. My Mum is what made my Christmas eve special, she would always be in the kitchen making something amazing, listening to classic FM and singing the good old Christmas songs. I would be watching a Muppets Christmas Carol for like the 20th time, snuggled up on the sofa with the fire burning.

Then in the evening, walking up the big hill to the church, where mother made me  and me went to crib lighting with all the other kids in the village  as much as I hated going, I am glad I have that memory.

Also the smell of Clementine s always remind me of this season.

I hope my girls have fond memories of the Christmas season, although I am not amazing like my mum, bionic is how she could be described, no I am not a patch on her, however I really hope I can make it special and familiar.

Although this year it has been full of the year before memories, I am slowly letting it go, it is what it is and nothing I could have done would have changed it. As much as it sucks, I have it. 

What does Christmas Eve mean to you?

christmas tree

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  1. Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but what I do is get all the food bargains just before the shops close, as that is when the prices drop a great deal. So, it’s a time of festive good quality food and drink. Ha ha ha.

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