Curious About The Kurio?

I won a Kurio.

Yep I was just as surprised as you!

My eldest daughter was now the happiest child in the world, ever.

To be honest the Kurio has been a blessing is disguise for us. Now we are always attending so many appointments, whether its for me or Pops, we always have somewhere to be, so the Kurio has been perfect for keeping Pops and Hubby entertained.

The Kurio comes with a drop proof case, which is fab fo a clumsy toddler like mine.

The Kurio has the ability to be a normal tablet and a completely kids safe tablet, with multiple users and each one being for adults of kids. Which for me is fab as I know she is completely safe whilst using it.

It has its own Kurio app store and also the android apps which makes it suitable for everyone. It also has an amazing camera, which for Pops makes it endless fun!

Everyone who has come into our house has loved using the Kurio, even the Husbands best friend got addicted to it whilst staying with us for the weekend!!

Head over to their website to find out even more about this great little tablet!

A big thank you from Pops

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