Curse of the Cold Callers

She is cute isn’t she?! Especially so when she is asleep! The hours I spend getting Beboo too sleep could amount to hundreds! Whilst she is asleep all I want to do is sit down QUIETLY and savour the time I get to myself. I might drink a cup of tea or have a wee all by myself!


However the bliss is often short lived. Not because of my three year old no, because the PHONE RINGS!

Now I would not be so angry if it was someone interesting, someone I wanted to talk too. However more often than not it is a Cold Caller.

Yes, like many other mums, these delightful calls follow us like the plague.

Weird thought, seeing as we were put on a list with BT to stop cold callers. We are even X directory.

So how did these creeps get my number I wonder???


Well one day we decided to ask these delightful people, how the hell the got out number in the first place. I seem to remember the company in question was Eon they informed me it was Emma’s Diary. 

Now I know I filled out the form whist pregnant, but I did, at no point give them permission to sell on my details. Now we have numerous electric companies calling and now opinion polls!

So these lovely people at:

Sold or gave away my information. Lovely.

What I find funny is there slogan ‘We know what mum’s want’ Well I can safely say you DO NOT know what we want. As we do not want annoying calls at all hours, nor do we want our children woken up, after hours of hard work singing wheels on the bus os ssshhhing endlessly this is the last thing I as a mum want!

So thank you Emma’s Diary. I hope you get more out of it than me!

Also, after telling the companies several times I DO NOT want to swoop providers you would think they wold stop ringing, especially EON!

I now give the phone to Pops to deal with:

Also these people know when Beboo was born, giving that information away is just plain disrespectful! Also not something I needed to deal with after giving birth!

What excuses have we given? One being ‘no I don’t want to talk, I just pushed a baby out of my vagina.’

Also when asked how my day was a pissed off mummy politely told them ‘well I was just officially diagnosed with MS so LOVELY yes’

What gives these people the right to give away or sell my information and what gives them the right to KEEP ON calling me?

What are your experiances?

How do you deal with these people?

Have you ever wondered who was the source to where they got this info?

Lets name and shame these people! 


7 thoughts on “Curse of the Cold Callers

  1. Bloody bastards!!! I too get this, but always, ALWAYS at about 8pm when Bean is in the dangerous only been asleep about half an hour zone. Stupid Emma’s Diary, I hated that thing when I was pregnant! xx

  2. Cold callers make me angry. They must know the majority of folk they ring don’t want to talk to them – why would you want a job in a call center where you’re ringing people at meal times to scam them into buying something pointless?!!

    CJ x

  3. Emma’s Diary gave my information away too! Every year around Scarlett’s birthday/Xmas they call me asking me to buy books. If its someone I don’t want to speak to I usually just hang up mid sentence. Other times I have been known to play the shadow game and copy everything they say until they hang up. It’s quite funny haha x

  4. How much do you really know about your prospect before you call them? Do you know anything about their industry? Do you know the names of their competitors? What kind of challenges are they facing from their competitors? How much more attention would your prospect give you on the telephone if you knew just one more detail about their company or industry?

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