Day One Away From Home!

So this week sees the start of kitchen gate, I sat on twitter watched as the man ripped apart the kitchen. We have come home to my mums as there really is no room in the house right now, the ‘white goods’ have all wondered there way into my front room. I ask you?! 

So this week I have decided to follow my week in photos, partly because I need to catch up on other blog stuff and to finish the first two chapters of my book and get them off to the appropriate people, I doubt I will get either of these things done, I can but hope!

So here goes…..

daddy driving pops and pop road to pebworth nannys house freedom at nannys off down the nursery pops and leafs leaf sniffing bunch of flowers eating the cone ice cream face mush face here comes chocolate beboo cone choc sauce


Well, that was the first day 🙂

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