Dear Play Group,

Dear Play Group,

Why are we waiting until next week before the kids go back? I mean I see no harm in starting early?

If anything, I feel the parents children would benefit from it. Yes, of course I will miss her incessant shouting and requests for things when I get comfy, however I am prepared to let you deal with this, generous I know.

Of course I am not desperate  these tears are simply due to hay-fever,  yes hay-fever in the winter is terribly common. 

I am aware it has just been Christmas and New Year, however, to be fair, it is no longer Christmas or New Year, granted its terribly close but all the same, its not still that season.

That season is over. 

No there is no tone to my voice, I am just terribly desperate excited at the fact she would be coming back to play school, with you, early, with you.


Okay! So you don’t take bribes, chill.

Why don’t you just go inside, get the toys out and watch the children as they play, scream, shout and fight?



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