Ding Dong Merrily Goodbye!!!

Ding Dong Merrily Goodbye!!! 

Yep, if you cannot tell, I am saying goodbye to Christmas 2012, I know boxing day was yesterday and all that however, I don’t care!

Me and Hubs were talking in the car about how un-festive everywhere feels now, its rainy and dark and everyone is walking around with a grumpy face, it just makes the whole place seem so ‘normal’

Today we have taken down the tree and tomorrow the rest ill be following, forget the whole luck thing, bad luck follows me everywhere, nothing I do will make me more lucky. 

Christmas just does not feel the same any more, people seem to think it is all about that one day, however I love the run up and all that goes with it, now that Christmas day has been and gone its like everyone has just forgotten.

Today seemed so normal.

So I decided I would also join in on all the non-Christmasness.

No more angel hair and baubles flying around, nope we are clean and tidy in the Williams house.

When are you taking yours down?!

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