The Disney Princess Palace Pets

In our house full of girls all things Disney always go down so well, and we are also a fan of all things small so the Palace Pets are always a winner every time.

pp3 palace pets

Each Palace pet is found and adopted pets of the Disney princesses which become their masters, from Snow White and Ariel to Rapunzel and Belle. Each Disney princess has its own pet some even more than one. They are different sorts of animals so everyone favorite is catered for from cats and dogs to ponies there is even a racoon and panda. Each Palace pet has a name and a little story behind them. So your children can now not only have their favourite Disney princess, but also their pets too.

The pets resemble their masters, whether it’s their appearance or accessories. The pets can talk and help and live their lives alongside their Disney Princess. They love to be pampered and coddled, style their tails with their ribbons and bows.


We had 2 sets to play with, there is a large range of different pets with lots of accessories from Royal carriages to beauty salons or just the pets on their own.

The palace pets fashion tails is great fun we had Beauty the cat Auroras cat in the girls favorite color of course, pink!!! she has 3 tails to cover all different occasions a playful & posh one, pretty and perfect and sassy and sweet one. These can be changed easily onto the kitten and there is a little brush included to keep those tails tidy!! These are for ages 4+ and are around £7.99. As the palaces pets love to dress up there are loads of different sets that can be used in conjunction with each other.Each Palace pet has a storybook included to tell each pets story about how they were found and what they love doing along with the other princess and their pets.

Then we had the Royal Carriage with Teacup who is Bells puppy. This comes with lots of accessories from a pair of sunglasses to a petticoat for Teacup.  Her and her friends can make a grand entrance to the balls or she can enjoy tea in the carriage with the flip down mirror that turns into a table and use the teapot and cups in the set ,The carriage is well made the wheels move to and can stand up to wear and tear. The Carriage ranges from about £16.50.

Great gifts for any little Disney Princess!!!!


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