Doc McStuffins Eye Doctor Bag Set


Boo loves Doc McStuffins. The days we must spend watching her fix her toys this winter could amount to many. To be honest, she is pretty amazing. I like to liken her to nurse nancy with more up to date equipment. She was my favourite back in the day.

This set comes with everything you need to keep your toys eyes look good. With a changeable set of lenses, endoscope, pippet, working head torch, eye chart, eye patch and a stunning bag to keep it all in, kids will feel just like Doc herself.

The set itself is covered in an old favourite, glitter. But unlike cheap toys, the glitter actually stays put. A massive plus for me.

We decided to shoot a little unboxing video, so we can show you just how fabulous this set is. It is our first, so please be gentle.

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