Drinking During Pregnancy, NO!

So I was watching BBC news last night, yes I watch the news its on after pointless its interesting.

They were talking about drinking during pregnancy, so I thought I would share my thoughts on my blog, all views welcome, don’t be shy.

Lets examine the evidence shall we?!

Alcohol brings nothing good to the table, fact.

In the UK you must be 18 to drink.

This country has a problem with under-age drinkers.

Nothing good comes from getting smashed. Ever.

A wine a day does not keep the doctor away, its just doesn’t.

So with all the above information I find it interesting that people even consider drinking whilst pregnant.

Now I am, in no way a saint, far from it. However even my particularly useless brain can see that something you cannot have until you are 18 would be bad for a foetus.

I am sorry but that is just how it is.

Although I really hate the taste of most alcohol, I enjoy the odd cocktail and I am in no way against drinking, should you be the right age etc, however when you are carrying something so small, that relies on you for all sorts of shit, then putting alcohol down the hatch is not something you really want to do.

I don’t think staying away from it for 9 months is really that much of a big deal?

Is it?

For me during pregnancy it was a massive no, nothing good would come out of something that does so much bad. 

With the second I went through my diagnosis, trust me at times I could have used a stiff drink, however Beboo was more important than I was.

I once worked in a pharmacy, we did needle exchanged for users, one day a lady came in, she stank of alcohol, was blatantly on heroin and was heavily pregnant. 

I kid you not, this happened and I was not allowed to say no, no needles for you.

I was left reeling and it still makes me shudder today. That poor baby.

From that point I vowed, that whilst pregnant I would never touch a drop, no matter how small.

So ladies, come on use that common sense and stick to the cravings!

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