Why Duncan Smith Is A Massive Pillock


I woke up to the above picture in a Multiple Sclerosis group I am part of. Needless to say, Mr “Duncan Smith” you are a complete pillock.

I will start by kindly asking you to produce this cure? Because if these conditions are no longer classed as degenerative, then there must be a cure? Right?

So please, will you kindly present the thousands of suffers with these conditions, with this cure?



How come someone with no real knowledge made decisions like this? Because we cost too much? Because if that’s the case sir, surely you yourself and fellow MPs cost this country a whacking great amount.

Every day, myself and people like me with multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons wake up to face another shockingly painful day.

We take the medications we need to just be able to function and we go about our day.

And as each hideously painful minute gets more painful than the last, we carry on living. Surviving.

Because we didn’t ask to live with these DEGENERATIVE conditions.

Because that’s what they are.

They don’t get any better. The pain doesn’t get any less and the diseases spend their time taking a bigger hold over us.

Because the doctors can’t stop it. And neither can you!

We take medications which put us at greater risk of developing other conditions. Just trying to find a way to feel that little bit”better”

We face a life of scans and Neuro visits. More medications and eventually we face going into the worst and final stages of our diseases.

Where we relinquish all control over our own bodies.

Where we wait and hope someone will at least find a way to slow it down.

Because these are DEGENERATIVE conditions.

And trying to reclassify this will lead to us having fight even fucking harder to just live day to day. And all this just to save money?

Is this what this country has come to?!


4 thoughts on “Why Duncan Smith Is A Massive Pillock

  1. Get your facts right IDS before you open your stupid Conservative gob!!! I have MS, there is NO treatment for my type of MS. Never mind a CURE!!

  2. Hear! Hear! I’m with you 100% ball and chain his ankles, make him walk in sand, give him sleepy pills…He hasn’t got a clue and that is just a few things to start of with.

  3. What a prick this guy Duncan Smith is. He should try living with Multiple Sclerosis, as I have for the past 22 yrs. Believe me it’s not been a fantasic easy time, pain, frustration. Give me the cure I’ll try it even for free or whatever cost you want, (after the cure works of course, mate). This guy is an arrogant prick.

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