Ergh, Is It Bedtime Yet?!

I. Am. Tired.

Not because I have been busy, no that would be easy. I am tired because I am full of drugs.

Today was day three of Copaxone, I am not going to keep count forever, I am sure the numbers will fall into the abyss somewhere down the line. But right now, its all new to me.

Today was the tum on my “bum fat” by this I mean love handles, but its joined to my bum so they call it bum fat.

It hurt, no, wait, it burned. 

Yup, Copaxone is a pretty owchy injection, the stabbing bit, I don’t really feel, its the after burn, that’s the real bitch.

Right now I feel quick sicky, got that horrible gaggy feeling at the back of my throat.


I didn’t think injecting myself would feel this “okay” but I am really not fussed by the whole injecting thing, its the after bit I dislike.

My memory has been horrific. I actually forgot I had arranged to meet a friend yesterday, not like the “ow shit I am late” kind of forgot, I mean the realising at bedtime type of forgotten.

I am dreading texting her, like she’s gonna believe someone could be that dim?

Well, I am, I am a total knobhead. 

Had a catch up with my journalist yesterday (I forgot that too, it was her email telling me she was running late that prompted me to remember) She thought I was “dealing with it better” 

Yes, yes I am.

Has nothing to do with the mondo dose of anti-ds I take on a daily basis.

How do you explain that to someone you barely know?! :/

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