Every Vote Counts!

I am not going to beg, I swear. But I would, like really love a few votes for the MAD blog awards. You can click on the lovely badge over there in my sidebar <<<< Only if you want too though…

You could even click on the badge below…

I am not one for awards. I usually just quietly sit there and cheer on everyone else from the sidelines. I am not amazing, I may not even be that interesting, but I do love what I do and I work hard to keep my blog alive.

I have tried to write as openly and honestly as I can without making you throw up a little. I want to bring to light just what it feels like to have a degenerative chronic illness like MS. And although you can’t feel it, like in real terms, you can have a glimpse of what its like for us,even just for a second. 

Personally, more recently especially it has been so hard for me to even write up a sentence. With the MS drumming on as usual, it got on top of me. The realisation of the rest of my life, and what it has in store for me, hit. It hit me hard. 

But now I am coming through the other side and this would just be a fantastic thing to have to look forward to, a goal. I like goals, it gives you something to focus on. Whats life without a teeny bit of focus, right?

Can’t hurt to add a touch of cute/guilt into this, right?! 😛


 Now if you can ignore that face and her amazing ability to write that sign, your dead inside. 

Good luck everyone 🙂

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