I Finally Started The Fight.

I really need to get a grip, which I am now trying to do. A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and signed up to shop mobility in town.

Now I know what you and all the other people are thinking, I can walk. Yes, I can walk, however I can walk a very limited amount, even with my crutches, I get so incredibly tired. Now I know people think tired is nothing, however when you don’t suffer with chronic fatigue, you have no idea. I had no idea it even existed before my MS, trust me, its a bitch! 

Anyway, one of the ways I can manage it is to use wheelchairs when out and about for some time. Today I needed to get the rest of the Christmas shopping, so I decided today would be the day.

Now before all this happened to me, I always thought, if you could walk, you did not need a wheelchair, however now I am alot less naive, I know this is just not true.

The people were lovely and they let me use a electric wheelchair as my arms could not take the ‘pushing the wheels’ bit. I was slightly apprehensive, however there was no need, I was able to go with the sister and do my shopping without getting tired. I enjoyed myself whilst out and about for the first time in a year. 

I did all my shopping and I was able to come home and enjoy the girls without being over tired and exhausted.


Also I realised I can now walk the dog in the park with the girls and Hubs. We can go to the park as a family, we can have fun together again and I cannot tell you how nice a feeling it is.

I took the first steps in fighting back…

For anyone who ever had a doubt in taking those steps, please share this post!

2 thoughts on “I Finally Started The Fight.

  1. Brilliant) I got myself one of these little mini scooters, it’s called freerider. I know they sell a lot in London/England. It’s the best spent money ever. I can now be with the family doing everything. Let me know if you want details:) but if you google freerider you’ll find prices and where to get it from. I got my freedaom back:)

    read: http://oddparent.blogspot.dk/2012/09/freedom.html

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