My First Baby Annabell Lets Play

Boo loves babies. She just loves them. Not convinced she would love a real baby, but nonetheless, she is still a big fan. So we have been giving My first Baby Annabell lets play a run for its money.

With toys like these I like to give them a proper try. I like to make sure they withstand everything my children could throw at them. That way, I know they will hold up with all other children.

baby annabel

The My First Baby Annabell is designed for two years plus, so she is a little smaller than the usual Baby Annabell. Perfect for little hands and small hugs. She comes with a bottle, so perfect for role play and learning about feeding. When leaned to the left she feeds better and when leant to the right she burps. Which kept Boo entertained for hours.

There was a lot of over feeding going on there!

The great thing about My First Annabell lets play is the different noises she makes when you perform different activities with her. So holding her under her arms will make her giggle and when you raise her up high, she laughs even more. Same for sleep time. When you lay her on her back she closes her eyes and goes off to sleep. Boo loved getting her off to sleep, she gave me many a shush face.

Eve and annabele

My first baby Annabell has been perfect for Boo. She is the right size and shaped for her small stature and she does everything you would expect from such a tiny baby. We have had many hours of looking after baby and racing around garden with her pushchair and I am sure there will be many more to come.

My first baby Annabell lets play retails for around £29.99 which is perfect for a first baby, especially as its a brand that is renowned for lasting years.


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