First Child Syndrome…

First child syndrome, yup, Pops has it and don’t we all know it! 

You know what I am talking about right?

You MUST do?

Well anyone with more than one child MUST know? No?

Well let me explain. With Pop’s being the eldest, she has a very “special” array of habits/ways/emotions whatever you want to call them. She is very different in herself, in comparison to her younger sister.

Yes, I am aware they are different people. 

However, Pops is very “emotionally challenged” when it comes to life in general. The way she handles things and her attitude towards events and other people it is, well, odd.

I have heard rumours this is not uncommon for the older sibling?

Pops is very loud and proud at home, however when at playgroup she is quiet, I won’t say laid back as that would be a lie. A big lie. Yes when my daughter wants something, no matter how odd or small, she will do anything to get it. She gets upset easily and always wants her own ways.

She hate being ignored, yet hates equally being centre of attention. 

She is not out-going and relaxed would not be one of the words used to describe her. Ever.

She screams at hair brush time and refuses point blank to look beautiful. Also she does not d the whole joking thing well.

Her sister on the other hand is happy and relaxed, letting nothing get in her way or bring her down. She knows how to wind you up and she also knows you don’t really mean no. 

I have to say, although loud, it is very interesting to see how different they are and I for one believe where they come in the family line-up has alot to answer for! 

Anything to add?!

8 thoughts on “First Child Syndrome…

  1. I only have 1 daughter but all the things that u have said about ur eldest.daughter describe me as i am the eldest and my brother is cpmeate opposite of me more outgoing and dont care attitude where as i have been this wau up untill 6months ago when i started to engage with other mums more and join more groups for my daughter to play at.

  2. Haha!! You have just described my son!! I have a boy and a girl – my son is the older of the 2 and he is very odd in many ways – which I have always blamed on us spoiling him for the 3 years before his sister came along!!
    He is happy to play with anyone or anything as long as its his idea – or he’s not interested in the slightest!! My son cannot stand anyone making fun of him and he’s obsessive about subjects such as space and rocks!! My daughter on the other hand will fit in anywhere with anyone and go along with anyone’s plan!! Oh well I love that they are different 🙂

  3. omg that was like reading about my own child!!! she is very much the same… sooo loud at home, yet so withdrawn when at nursery etc, even now in primary school she is very timid, hides behind me if some one even says hello!

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