Fisher Price Little People City Skyway.

little peopple 1

Fisher price is a good, and trusted name when it comes to the littler ones toys a name you can always rely on for quality.  Fisher Price have a huge range of toys, games and baby products for you to chose from.

We had the Little People City Skyway to play with and we love all things little. This is a huge over 3 feet tall Skyway Garage. This car garage has many ramps for your little ones to send their cars zooming down the them. When your little one sends their vehicle down the ramp they will have to wait and see which one of the three spots they will come out in. Every Time it will be different. They will either spread out of one of the two ramps on the side or the vehicle will jump off the middle ramp. This was hours of fun even for the older, bigger children!

Fisher Price is great to create creative play and help your little ones imagination come to life. With a petrol pump, parking meter and crane there are lot of games to play and stories to tell. This is for ages 1 ½ to 5 years. It includes 2 cars Koby and Tessa.

There are also many other products that can be brought to go along with the City Skyway Garage more cars, and a transported amongst other things. The garage is from round £29.99 and needs no batteries. This is easy to put together, being Fisher price you know that the quality is second to none.

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