Fisherprice Laugh and Learn Review

Fisherprice, what can I say? I grew up with this brand and now my children do too. The toys are long lasting and really engaging for everyone, even me!

So Beboo was sent some Fisherprice toys from the Laugh and Learn range, designed for the smallest of children and they really were a hit!

fisherprice teapot

teapo box


Now this is not just any tea set, this is a tea set with a difference. As well as having very stylish cups, it also has cakes and a cake tray that doubles as a shape sorter. For me this was a great touch, because not only are they learning to play they are also learning shapes at the same time.

By far the best thing about this product is the teapot. The talking, noise making and singing teapot, its reactive to being used, so if you are pouring a cup or tea, it makes a pouring sound. Same goes for the opening and closing of the lid. The song was my favourite bit, it really does get stuck in you head but also teaches the little ones about please and thank you at the same time plus it works by pressing the teabag inside, meaning little hands have to explore to to make it sing.

I can see this lasting us some time, so far it is indestructible and Beboo and been putting it through its longevity paces.

Next we have the my pretty learning purse.

fisher price learning purse. back of purse

This set come with an interactive purse ( I love it!) card, keys, mirror, bracelet and phone, all you need when you are small and out and about.

Beboo gets a whole lot of satisfaction when she opens and closes the purse, she loves the music and the fact something is talking to her, she has recently worked out that if you press the heart it also makes a sound. The great thing about the Purse is the words, she is already trying to copy them, which is a relief as I assumed she would be a mute!

She loves taking the bag on our many adventures, I think being like mummy and her bigger sister is nice for her. All girls together, much to daddies dismay!

Both these laugh and learn products have been big hits with both the girls, the hours of music and please and thank you’s we have had is unreal, normally they loose interest in toys so quickly, however with both of these, the just keep going back for more.


Fisherprice have done themselves proud with the laugh and learn range, we own a few of the other toys also and they have been great for both Pops and Beboo and are still going strong even four years on.


The My pretty learning purse retails at around £23  and the  Laugh and Learn say please tea set retails at around £15.

This will be both long lasting and hours of fun, even for the adults!

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