Getting Benefits Is EASY!

I have heard it so many times, getting benefits is easy. Well I have news for you, its not! 

Plus, we are not all ‘scroungers’ life is getting more expensive, the cost of living is rising beyond belief, and not everyone can have high paying jobs.

Like most things right now, you have to fight for it, you have to continuously provide proof of everything, over and over again. 

Its something that really gets me down and grates on my nerves. Its not the fact I think I think we have to have it, its the fact the numbers say we are entitled, so we do claim for them, however they are forever changing the goal posts, giving families so much more stress.

My husband has worked full time forever, literally and I worked myself until I was pregnant with Pops, now he has had to drop his hours to be at home for me more. When you inform one person, its all okay and changed. Then the next one in the change sees the change and thinks they are getting more money AND working full time, when really, its because you dropped. But to prove to that person you have dropped the working hours, you need wage slips. But to have wage slips you need to have worked it first.

Meaning you have to go two or three months with less money, a lot less, before you can prove you had the rise in one part was because of the drop in another.

It means you then start getting a little behind for those two months, giving you even more to deal with. Its catch 22.

I am really grateful for all the help we receive, but the truth is, we are only where we are today because we fight like hell to prove the truth, because sadly there are those who abuse the system, giving everyone who needs that help a bad name. 

Take the bedroom tax for example. We don’t even have a spare room!!!!!!!!

They have not thought of everyone’s circumstances and the fact they are all different, meaning we then have to fill out more forms and gather more information to fight it.

Its the same with the new disability payments, I fought to get the very minimum, I don’t use it for nice things, I use it to pay for the hospital carpark when there are no disabled spaces, and the petrol to get to the hundreds of appointments I have had. Now its even harder to claim, there are ‘categories’ are some people have to be interviewed by a Doctor, one that does not even know them.

Neurological diseases are so difficult to understand, not even my GP really gets my MS and the treatment I am having, so how can a complete stranger decided wether you ‘need’ the money or not?

Life is getting so much more complicated and it makes my eyes water!!!

7 thoughts on “Getting Benefits Is EASY!

  1. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with all this. The system really does suck. They are trying to make it so people who aren’t really entitled don’t get given all this money, but really they are just penalising those that do. I hope you don’t suffer too badly whilst all this is being sorted out.

    1. Still waiting, but still smiling also. Its made is so its nearon impossible. I don’t know how people who dont need it do it!? x

  2. It’s stuff like this that makes me angry! It’s minority (now becoming the majority) that make it hard for people who genuinely need the benefits. I live in East London and I know this sounds really bad but half my street are on benefits and don’t genuinely need it and brag about it all the time! Makes me sick!
    Hope things get better hun xxx

  3. This posts rings so many bells for me. It is time for me to go through hoops again to renew my Dla. My condition has worsened but how can I prove depression and the seizures my medication causes?
    My husband got turned away from his ESA medical because he was on crutches and was at risk in the event of a fire! How can they not possibly be able to cater for people with a disability at a facility to assess the illnesses?
    The Daily Mail and their ilk wold have us believe benefits are given away to anybody at the drop of a hat and makes no mention of the hoops you have to jump through and the expectations that are made of you in return for your benefits. My husband was expected to attend back to work training 2 days after major surgery.
    Claiming benefits is by no means easy and it is a constant battle to continue receiving them, so I totally understand your frustration.

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