Give The Kids In Your Life The Perfect Christmas Gift


So this is the big one, gifts for your kids this Christmas.

Itty Bittys from Hallmark

itty bittys

There’s are amazing and a huge hit in our house from the little ones to daddy.  These are small soft toys made to a great standard and are so soft. You may think more soft toys but there’s are available in all sorts of characters from Frozen to Barbie and then there is the retro ones Rainbow bright to The Wizard of Oz!….my favorite was Snoopy.They are designed to be collected with a list to tick off so you know which ones you have left to collect. There is a lovely Nativity complete with a jesus and his manger. With this December seeing the release of the new Star Wars film there is even a set of them available. These are new to the UK this autumn so will be a must this christmas



Looking for something other than chocolates for a present, then look no further. Chewits do a great selection box. With Chewits being lower in sugar than many other chewy sweets and they are free from hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. So not bad all round. The selection box has great flavors from  strawberry and blackcurrant to orange and the xtreme chewits great little section box with a difference. From around £2.00

Kids Gifts From H&A

lloyds pharmacy

H&A have an absolutely amazing line of great quality and body safe products. They can be found in all good retailers. Their line of christmas gifts is great something for everyone, with gift sets for her or him and toys, and to suit all pockets. With My little pony bubble bath to Despicable Me magnetic scribbler, there are so many gifts for children of all ages. For her there is a large range of perfume and cosmetic gift packs, and for him after shave to shavers. H&A stock a huge variety of stand out products, perfect for under the Christmas tree this year. 



This is a great brand of nail varnish made just for kids, great so they can have their own nail varnish without using all of mine and I’m safe in the knowledge that it is safe for the them, made without the nasty solvents they are water based, and it comes off with a little soapy water. There is a huge range of vibrant  colours and gift packs available for stocking fillers or presents. The packs they come in are also fun too. prices start from £8. Not suitable for under 3

Frozen Art Set From Lloyds

frozen art set

Frozen is still going strong in our house this year and we love all things arty so the Frozen Art set is a real winner for a Christmas gift. From around £33 you have everything your little artist will need with this 52 piece set and carry case to keep it in, so there are no lost pens or pencils. with crayons, markers, rubber and ruler to paints and brush and mixing palette. also include the all-important stickers. From 3 years upwards. This is available from Lloyds pharmacy who stock a fantastic range of Christmas gifts.

Nativity 3, Dude Wheres my Donkey

Nativity 3

We love Christmas films we watch them as much as possible over the Christmas period starting in Nov and are always looking for new ones to add to our favorites. We all have envied Nativity 1 and 2 so when we had 3 to review we jumped at the chance. With the greats like Martin Clunes and Catherine tate this is a real funny Christmas movie. The pupils from St Bernadette’s are back and there new teacher loses his memory as well as the donkey Archie it’s up to the children to save the day.  This is a great Sunday afternoon film under the duvet. From £9.99

Ravensburger Puzzles


We are always looking for different presents and things to do that do not involve a screen and what a better way than a puzzle. There is a huge variety out there so we were offered Ravensburger it’s a big name in puzzles we were delighted. These are high-quality puzzles for young and old with so many different designs and complicatedness. There is everything from the children’s favorite cartoons characters large easy to put together pieces for little hands and lovely Christmas puzzles to Night edition 3d we had Big Ben and it actually lights this is a great feature as well as being 3d. This is really bringing puzzles to life and making them exciting. There is also a range of Personalized puzzles where you can decide what the picture is great gift idea for nanny and grandad with a picture of the girls. Puzzles start from around £4

Plasticine Softeez


Great gift idea for the little ones.  This is modelling plasticine that doesn’t dry out so can be used time and time again. Sometimes you’re never quite sure what to make but with these Plasticine Softeez you can by a play set that is themed we had the Under the Sea Play box this includes 12 different colour blocks of plasticine and playmat with a under the sea background and 9 accessories like fish shaped cutters.  There is hours of fun to be had with this and for ages 3+ even grandpa loves a go with the plasticine softeez. There are endless possibilities with this as it can be used time and again. There are different sets available as well as a tub with cutters to create your own ideas From around £8.99

Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles


These we big this year and most little boys will love the turtles and even the big boys too. We had  the talking turtle Mikey to review but all the turtles and Shredder are available too. You can move his arms and as you do he says one of his 20+ phases from Pizza time to My kind of party. Each turtle has different phases  Making them a great toy for any turtle lovers. These toys are designed with less menacing features so they are targeted at the younger ones as they are less scary. So even the little ones will be able to create their own turtle adventures Suitable from ages 3+ and from around £8.75

Pet Parade

pet parade

We are very fond of cats and dogs in our house and as you may know all things small, Pet Parade ticks these boxes. There are lots of different sets to collect from Collies and pugs to Huskies and Labradors they can be brought as individual or in sets with lots to collect. There are also carry cases and play worlds to collect along side them. These pets are interactive with each other and their accessories. Their movements are realistic when the button on their back is pressed. They come with customized collars a lead and bones. You can also start your own puppy club on the computer. From ages 3+ and from around £9.99

Peanuts Lip Balm

lip balm

Looking for stocking fillers this is an ideal one for someone who loves the retro tv programme Peanuts with a snoopy strawberry flavour and at only £2.50 it’s a great price

Lego Friends advent Calendar

Lego friends

We love lego in our house and with lego just for girls it’s even better. We are always looking for different advent calendars as the girls can’t eat too much chocolate. These lego advent calendars are great, with 24 different lego buildable pieces behind each door on the countdown to christmas, and the calendar itself is the background to build your scene on. In the friends calendar you will find some cute animals, mini-dolls and christmas cakes and sports equipment. Everything you need to set the scene and a gift everyday up to christmas for your little ones. There are different ones available for boys and girls from around £14.99

Sugar lilly

Sugar lilly

Sugar lilly is a beautiful fun loving character. With many friends and soon to be story books, her range of accessories will bring smiles to any girlie’s face this Christmas. My own girls both love anything pink and girly. So the accessories from Sugar lilly were a huge hit. There is literally something for everything, perfect stocking fillers and larger gifts. So if you have a Sugar Lilly fan, be sure to deck her out this Christmas.

Childs farm

Childs farm

Finding a really good, child-friendly toiletries brand can be hard. Something that suits one child may not suit another, so its important to make sure you have got it right. Child farm offers some amazing, natural products. These would make perfect stocking fillers for your little one, or even placed in hampers for that expecting mum. The girls have loved trying out childs farm and it has become our go-to brand at the moment. With the girls hating anything getting in their eyes, it’s important to have something natural and safe. Childs farm is the perfect brand for that.

Swim seal

swim seal

Avid swimmers will love swim seal. Drops designed to be used in the ears to help prevent the annoying water getting would be the perfect little gift or stocking filler for those who love to swim. Evie has real trouble with water getting stuck in her ears. So swim seal is perfect for her. Same with Liv, she is just discovering how fun it can be to stick your head under, but can be worried about the water in her ears. Swim seal keeps the ears safe and water free. It is the perfect products for any swimmers out there. Big or little!



Twisteez are perfect for those little princesses who love to style their hair with something new and unique. You can use the Twisteez to carefully twist a pencil sized piece of hair into the twisteez to add something different to your hair. The girls like to use them to twist the hair and then stick the twists up, so they stick out. Fabulous for dressing up and even better for party season. Twisteez would be a great stocking filler or even better, to give to your little ones friends this Christmas.

Nature’s purest Rag Doll

natures purest

Dolls are always a hit in this house. The girls love them and personally I think there is nothing more special than a beautifully made Ragdoll. You just cannot beat them. Nature’s purest have made this simply stunning, velvety soft Ragdoll. This doll will become something to treasure over time. I can see it being something they keep with them forever. Even hidden in a box somewhere when they are adults. Finding a Ragdoll so beautiful can be hard. Some can be pretty scary looking and feel rough, but nature’s purest have made the most perfect doll. Her face, arms, legs and body are made of organic cotton velour and she also comes with a detachable woven organic cotton dress and matching jacket. In my opinion, the very best, purest Ragdoll.

Socker Boppers

socker boppers

Who doesn’t love a good fist fight on Christmas day!? Just me?! Well, I know at ours we all love a play fight or two. Especially when we get to boof uncle Marcus with the Sock Boppers. Sock Boppers are inflatable boxing gloves, perfect for those pain free play fights. Sock Boppers are perfect for the young and old because lets face it, the adults do love to test these things out before hand! They retail for around £9.99 and are endless fun for girls and boys!

Eliza Crisp and the Abominable Snow Company

eliza crisp

All kids love a good book on Christmas. Whether its reading for themselves or you reading to them, you can never beat a snuggle and a good book. Eliza Crisp and the abominable snow company would make the perfect book this winter. Eliza Crisp is on a mission to bring the children of England snow this Christmas. But when it looks like this just won’t happen, Eliza goes to the abominable snow company at the South pole where the snow is made. Follow Eliza Crisp on her adventure to bring the snow home. An awesome book full of adventure.

Bratz Study Abroad Dolls


Every little girl likes a doll and one that comes with lots of accessories makes it even better. Bratz dolls have a range of fashion dolls with great eyes and hair that can be brushed and put up into different styles.  The Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin are dressed up based on what they have been upto from selfie snaps to snow outfits there is a different doll for anything your little one is into at this moment This range of Bratz dolls are friends that studied abroad and visited some great places. The doll we had to review was Raya who had been to Mexico and now has taken on some of the fashion trends connected with Mexico, she comes with 2 outfits, luggage  with stickers to decorate it and some other accessories including a cactus plant!! There are other friends to collect in the series of Bratz dolls that are based on different counties like the UK to China they retail from £24.99

Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewelry Maker

Lala loopsy

As you may or may not know we love all things small in our house, and Lalaloopsy tinies are one of their favourites, and now the littlest is getting older and is not putting everything in her mouth they also love make jewelry or beads as they call it! so when we got this Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewelry Maker, they were in heaven!!!

With this jewelry maker you can use beads and the Tinies dolls to make your very own rings, bracelets, necklaces and hair clips. The maker will string the beads for you and you add your tinies. There are a lovely range of coloured beads and different strings to choose from. The Tinies included are exclusive to the bead maker for something a little extra special.

This is a great gift for any little from ages 4 +, it also needs 3 AA batteries retails from £29.99

Buggy Tech Tote


Looking something a little different for a gift for someone who has a baby, then look no further:

This is a bag for your buggy/pushchair where you child is facing you and you can fit everything you need in it and more. You have your normal compartment for nappies, bottles with its insulated pocket and not forgetting your lunch!! it has straps so that it hang on the handles in the back on the bag there is a clear holder for your ipad or tablet so that your little one can be kept entertained when you’re out shopping, it has a zip on it so keep it safe and secure. In the front of the bag there is a clear pocket to pop your phone into again it will be kept safe with its velcro tab. Retails from around £20

My studio Girl Make your own travel buddies

sewing thing

This is a great little present for the little ones who love making and doing, Everything you need in one box and a range of buddies available from pandas and Bunnies to monkeys and mice. It’s from ages 3 upwards, with pre-punched holes to make for easy sewing, great step-by-step instructions and a child safety needle. The animal you chose also has a small teddy bear which you also sew together. it comes with a lovely tin with stickers to decorate, and a blanket for your beard to sleep under in their tin with a special carry handle. This is a great gift for Christmas or birthdays and will give them lots of fun after they have sewn together their animals. From around £31.

Glowing Plants and Stars and Glowing wonder stars


These make great stocking fillers for all ages from 5 upwards young and old. For either someone who loves the sky and likes planets and stars and is interested in the solar system these are a given. There are also great for little ones who are having issues with being afraid of the dark. As they will glow in the dark transform their bedroom into their very own nights sky. These self-adhesive stars and planets are easy to stick to the wall, cupboards and ceiling too. They don’t leave a mark when they come off as long as it’s not on fresh paint or wallpaper. On the back of the packets there are fun space facts for your little astronauts.

Make your own Wind-up walking zombies


A great stocking filler for young and old from only £9.97 this is made with magic air dry clay so it is very easy to model and sculpt  with easy to follow instructions and no batteries needed this will soon be built it needs 24 hours to dry and looks great with its popping out eye to make it a great looking zombie and is made to walk like a real zombie. For ages 6+  There are 4 different ones to collect.

Make your own alien slime jumper


A great present for birthday, Christmas or as prizes at your Halloween party!! for ages 6+ and from around £14.09. These will keep your little ones entertained and your bigger ones too. Using air dry clay which is easy to sculpt and model but will take about 24 hours to dry and it’s non-toxic,  it’s easy to do with step by step instructions and pictures to follow. There are more to collect This alien slime jumper comes with his own tin to keep him in, and a pull string to make him jump using his vibrating motor to make him move and shake. There is lots of dough to make your very own unique alien.




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