I Am Going To Win Christmas 2014!

I know, a bold statement if I have ever heard one, but this is my goal. I AM going to win Christmas for 2014. 

Just before the Christmas just gone, I was introduced to comping. I have even won a few things, so I have made the choice that as well as my three blogs, I am also going to try my hand at winning gifts for family and the girls, and maybe even food closer to the time.

Granted I will get a few bargains when I see them, but I am hoping that the majority will be wins.

I will admit, I am a little obsessed with saving money at the moment, and people always go on about how December is such a hard month and even though ours was not, I want it to be even easier on my wallet. Hey, maybe I will even get the chance to give gifts I couldn’t ever dream of affording?

Who knows. 

So, here goes my little quest into the unknown.

All this as well as real life, is going to be a mission. So keep the cokes coming and maybe even a little burger or two? Hell, get me Frankie and Bennys On speed dial 😛

And by that I mean salad, lots of salad…


24 thoughts on “I Am Going To Win Christmas 2014!

  1. I’d say it’s totally do-able!
    Last year half my girls presents were prizes I’d won….They didn’t care or know and some of them were things I probably wouldn’t be able to afford!!
    Good luck!!

  2. Good Luck! I’m not very good, no, I’m hopeless at keeping prizes a secret, so even when I’ve had lots of wins, I don’t manage to keep them for Christmas. This year is different. I’m going to try to win Christmas too. And even if/when I don’t manage that, it doesn’t matter. I would have spent all that time clicking away anyway. So carry on comping!

  3. I started comping through the prize finder.com in October in hope of winning my Christmas, I not only won help towards Christmas but many other treats to, here’s a list of what I won in 3 months
    1. 3 children’s dvd`s from different comps
    2. Family tickets to big seven at Blackpool (£400)
    3. Night out for 10 London night club (sold this and bought 2 Acer tablets (kids presents)
    4. £200 personalised gifts voucher ( all grandparents and great grandparent presents person listed from my children)
    5.Arctic monkeys gig tickets
    6.UB40 gig tickets
    7.4 star cottage weekend break with bottle bubbly on arrival
    8. Next statement necklace
    9. £200 worth of vouchers (£50 for m&s, go outdoors, aldi, pure gym)
    10. An ecig kit (great for quitting smoking in the new year
    11. Bath basket ball (my 3 year old love this

    I also won a few little bits like shampoo and a toothbrush

    So its definetly possible I would recommend this website, I have decided to see what a whole year of comping can do for 2014, no prizes yet, good luck, I look forward to hearing about your wins x

  4. I love comping, it’s great fun. Though I’ve only won 3 things since Oct, it’s better than nothing. I’m still happily chomping my way through my Special K porridge.
    Good luck

  5. Good luck – I have been really lucky the last couple of years and prizes have definitely helped make Christmas and birthdays a lot cheaper plus have won some amazing experiences too!

  6. I don’t enter comps for some reason. Even when I visit a blog with a comp I leave an ordinary comment and move on. I don’t know why. Seeing how much people win, I really ought to start comping. I thought that though, back in 2011 and won something worth £180 which the PR never sent, so I guess my heart has never been in it. If you win things though, will you be disciplined enough to keep them to oneside till Crimbo 2014? xx

    1. You should lovely! Its such a nice feeling. Yes I have already put a few things by for next year. I am good at popping in the attic and forgetting 🙂 x

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