Things I Wish You Wouldn’t Take For Granted

Having MS, for me, has meant alot of change in my life, all mostly for the bad. Change I have no control over whatsoever, which has also lead me to realise all the things I took for granted before all this started. 

These things I think people without a disease like MS should be thankful for and know just how lucky they are.

Here goes.

Never underestimate your sight and the importance it has, as well as being mega useful, without it, you will become a different person, even the easiest of things become stupidly complicated. What I still have I treasure.

Balance, something I never really gave too much thought about before now, having poor or no balance means falling over and the need for walking aids, which at 23 don’t look to cool. 

Not having a panty liner life. I mean not having a sneeze, stand, laugh, cough, scared wee. Loosing control of your bladder is not fun, especially when its the nerves that have gone wrong.

On that note, bowels. Yup since having MS mine have slowed down, also the messages get mixed up so pushing can sometimes become an issue. Fun times.

Next comes full use of your extremities, arms and legs etc. Enjoy the fact they do as you say and don’t fail or shake when you least expect it. You don’t have to worry about waking up and having no feeling or dexterity in your hands or feet.

Freedom, yes this is an odd one, however with MS comes appointments and lots of them, whether its for some kind of IV drip or just for a check up, your life is governed by them.

Last but not least, being the master of your own body. Enjoy the fact it does what you say when you say it, I miss that.


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