Happy Halloween!

So, today is Halloween and Pop’s just got back from trick or treating with her friend. They had a good load of sweets, and I stayed behind and gave a good few out.

In fact we have nothing left now. Always a good sign.

Anyway it got me wondering, why more people don’t take part in the whole thing?!

Fair enough if you don’t want to go out or its raining, but I still wonder why so many people poo-poo opening their doors to the zombies and witches?

We have lived in three separate areas of the town over the years and the difference between each area is huge. The year Pop’s was finally old enough, and I was pregnant with Boo, we lived somewhere that was great for trick or treating, most would open their doors and many had houses decorated with lights and cobwebs.

Now its fairly inbetween the two, there are many children running around but not many people opening their doors.

I get why some people don’t do it and each to their own and all that, but still, why don’t more people get in the spirit of Halloween?

We all love Christmas, most of us go far too over the top and that’s great, but why not for this holiday too?

Hocus Pocus is my favourite Halloween film, I think is captures everything the holiday is, the stories and the myths of the town, I think it would be something great to have over here.

Please?! 😛

pops halloween


Also, who gave my child an apple?!!!?!

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