Is There Any Hope?!

Aaahhh hope, right now its all I have.

I-we need help, I have looked into the motherly crystal ball and seen the future, its not bright and its not orange, its noisy and its demanding. 

Thats right, I own one. I made it happen and I have no idea how to put it right.

Its loud, its annoying and its really is relentless.

Yup, Pops. She’s spoilt.


She wants for everything (when really she owns it all or does not actually need it) It turns out giving her everything and happiness really are two different things.

I know how we got here, what I need to know it how we get back?

Saying no is easier said than done when you are stood in the middle of Argos which a tween who thinks she has to have a new toy. A toy she does not need or really even deserve.

I want things to start being important to her, I want them to mean something to her.

I know its our fault, but it is s easily done.

I think the only choice I have is to but my foot down (preferably not in dog shit) and try and make it better whilst I still have the chance.



Advice to make it better would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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